Salary increase in budget 2021-22 Pakistan latest news

Budget 2021-22 Pakistan

Budget 2021-22 Pakistan latest news – salary increase in budget – budget 2021-22 in Pakistan salary increase chart check here online. budget 2021-22 Pakistan salary increase chart. pay and pension expected salary increase in budget 2021-22 Pakistan latest news.

Salary increase Budget 2021-22 Pakistan latest news

budget 2021-22 Pakistan announcement date. The Government of Pakistan, Finance Department would announce upcoming Budget 2021-22 date will be expected to presented on 11th June, 2021. The Government of Punjab, Finance Department would announce upcoming Budget 2021-22 date will be expected to presented on 16th June, 2021.

budget 2021-22 expectations Pakistan

This budget plan describes how much employee’s expected salaries and Pensions increase in 2021 to 22. Then Government make upcoming budget according to some policies by which employee’s salaries increase in this year.

The government has decided to increase salaries of Federal employees in the range of 15 to 20 percent with a clear-cut purpose to reduce disparity within ministries divisions and departments and introduction of contributory pension for new recruitments during the budget 2021-22.

The Pay and Pension Commission has submitted its report to the Ministry of Finance and The government has taken decision to grant a raise in salaries of public sector employees with the purpose to reduce disparity. Within the bureaucracy such as public sector employees working into PM and President Secretariat, NAB, FBR, FIA and judiciary are getting double salaries but other employees are facing difficulties. The government may grant 15 to 20 percent raise depending on available resource in the coming budget” said the official.

Expected salary increase in upcoming budget

Every one who lives in Pakistan and working as government employee has more expectations with budget 2021-22 is salaries increase or not?

As we see country’s current situation getting become worse day by day due to epidemic corona virus disease. Now in this situation every person has a question is his mind that ‘is this right time to expect salary increase? Every government employee is waiting huge spike in increasing of salary in budget 2020-21.

budget 2020-21 Pakistan latest news

How much salary increase in 2021-22:

Government announces that they would increase 20% in salaries and pensions in upcoming budget:

Islamabad (Newspaper News) declare that rise of 15% or 20% in salaries and pensions of government employees has been recommended in upcoming annual budget (2021-22)

According to details: additional RS 142 billion has been already proposed for salaries while allocation of RS 299 billion  and RS 503 billion is being considered for salaries and pensions respectively.

According to sources: It is proposed to increase the salaries of Grade 1 to Grade 22 employees. Also that Grade 21 and Grade 22 of civil and ministry will be increased in ad last budget because their salaries were not raised before.

At this time there are four Ad Hoc allowances those are government employees already getting.

These are as below;

  • Ad Hoc Relief Allowance 2016 (Frozen)
  • ARA 2017 (On running basic Pay)
  • Ad Hoc Relief Allowance 2018 (On running basic Pay)
  • ARA 2019 (On running basic Pay)

Government of Pakistan introduce Ad Hoc basic pay sales of 2017 after that there is no revision of pay scale and now year 2020 approach.

More details CLICK HERE:

      Basic Pay Scales of Civil Servants
                   Basic Pay scales-2017
          BISP        MIN      INCR      MAX
          1      9,130          290        17,830
           2       9,310          330        19,210
           3        9,610          390        21,310
           4        9,900          440        23,100
           5       10,260          500        25,260
           6       10,620          560        27,420
           7       10,990          610        29,290
           8       11,380          670        31,480
           9       11,770         730       33,670
         10       12,160         800       36,160
         11       12,570         880       38,970
         12       13,320         960       42,120
         13       14,260       1,050       45,760
         14       15,180       1,170      50,280
         15       16,120       1,330      56,020
         16       18,910       1,520      64,510
         17       30,370      2,300      76,370
         18       38,350      2,870      95,750
         19       59,210      3,050    120,210
         20       69,090      4,510    132,230
         21       76,720      5,000    146,720
22 82,380 5,870 164,560

Now let’s see what say Government employees about their demand. How the employees want to increase in their budget in their salary.

People are demanding more increment in salaries,

  • Pay scale Revise and Merge free Allowance;

Employees are demanding that in this condition inflation will become more so we should demand from government to increase our freeze allowance merged into our basic salary and then announce to increase percentage of salary increase.

  • Medical allowance

Medical allowance as already given to the lower Scale BPS-1 to BPS-16 is not sufficient for employees. So government should give 100% medical allowance to employees.

  • Percentage of Salary Increase in Budget;

Employees are now expecting that by merging the freeze allowance in basic salary their salary would be increase by 30% to 40%.

  • Pension should increase reasonably in Budget ;

Pension is only source of employees who goes retired after 25 or 60 years of giving service of government department. Now employees are expecting to reasonably increase pension of when they got retired and getting pensions.

Government authorities who prepare this budget must include employees demand but at certain extent.

Budget Pakistan salary increase latest news

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  1. Pension is only source of living of old age tensioners.there should be no tax on pension,a reasonable increase in pension is necessary.all pensioners hope at least 20 percent increase in pension.

  2. Jhota hy topi drama ky loli pop dy ga budget me in pe bharosa nhe hy u turn hy ye sare

  3. Jhota hy topi drama ky loli pop dy ga budget me in pe bharosa nhe hy u turn hy ye sare

  4. govt to take better decision to increase in pension because the pension are old agers and they will never have stimena raise their rights.

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