Ufone sms Packages – Daily, Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly & Yearly


Ufone SMS Packages : 

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Ufone or Pak Telecom is a Pakistani company providing mobile GSM service. Ufone is the third company to provide GSM mobile service, Earlier, two companies were providing this services in Pakistan. Ufone has focused on the people of Pakistan. twenty-two million people are using the Ufone network

Daily SMS , Weekly SMS, Fortnightly SMS, Monthly SMS & Yearly Uofone SMS Packages.

Today I will give you the details of Ufone SMS packages. How they subscribe to daily, weekly and monthly SMS packages, their codes and how much they Rs.I have been using Ufone’s network for a long time.      SMS   Bundle  offer      

A wide range of SMS bundles that facilitate you. Below are the details of the SMS bundles, you can choose the bundle that suits your needs. These details include Price, all ufone prepaid customers are eligible for this offer. Ufone Network is known for its quality and cheap rates. I will provide you Daily ,Weekly ,fortnightly ,monthly and yearly ufone sms packages with details. 

Daily, Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly,yearly  SMS Packages 

Daily SMS Package

Price                       Free sms         Validity          Subscribe

Rs. 4.77+ tax               1,600             24 hours               *605#

Weekly SMS Package 

Price                           Free sms         Validity      Subscribe

Rs.11.95+tax                     1,250              07 Days            *608

Fortnightly SMS Package 

Price                    Free SMS            Validity        Subscribe

Rs.35.85+tax            10,500                14 Days              *603#  

Monthly SMS Package

Price                   Free SMS             Validity          Subscribe

Rs.95.6+tax            21,000                  30 Days                *607#

45 Days SMS Package

Price                   Free SMS             Validity          Subscribe

Rs.118.31+tax          31,000                45 Days                *614#

Yearly SMS Package

Price                   Free SMS             Validity          Subscribe

Rs.795.87+tax       Unlimited*            One Year              *601#