Ufone internet packages 3G/4G Daily, Weekly and Monthly

Ufone internet packages

we will here all details about best ufone internet packages 2021. Ufone is a fast Pakistani cellular network. It is a third mobile operator service which entre in Pakistani market. This network started in Islamabad, since January 29, 2001 with the brand name of Ufone.

Ufone is providing best and competitive Internet packages. Through this best service Ufone has been won their customer’s heart. For customers Convenience Company is providing different packages.

Ufone internet packages Daily, 3 days, Weekly and Monthly

  • 3/4 G Ufone internet packages
  • Daily Ufone Internet Packages
  • 3 Days Bucket/Ufone Internet Package
  • Weekly Ufone Internet Packages
  • Monthly Ufone Internet Packages
  • Social Data Buckets
  • Device Ufone Internet Packages
  • Charji EVO

           Ufone Internet Packages 2021

If you want to know about Ufone packages then must read this article. In this article we are providing daily, 3 days, weekly, monthly, social bundles and Ufone device packages internet packages.

Customers can choose any Ufone Package which is affordable for them.

     Daily Ufone Internet Packages:

If you want to activate daily internet packages so for your interest Ufone is providing lot of daily packages. You can activate them at any time when you feel need. These packages are really affordable then other networks and do not put any burden on your pocket. These packages list is given below.

These packages are valid only for 1 day.

  Packages          Price        DetailsActivation Code
    Daily Light           RS. 1040 MB plus(500 MB What’s app, Face book, Twitter, line)           *2256#
    Daily Heavy           RS. 1575 MB Plus(500 MB What’s app, Face book, Twitter, line)            *2258#
Special Daily 1am – 9pm (Ufone Night Internet Package)                    RS. 5  50 MB Plus(500MB What’s app, Face book, Twitter, line)             *3461#
Mega Internet Bucket 1am – 8am               RS. 12         2048 MB            *550#

  3 Days Bucket/Ufone Internet Package

This Ufone Internet package is for 3 days. This package can easily subscribe on your Ufone number directly by Ufone website and you can use it for 3 days.

By following this information you can activate your Ufone 3 days package.

3 Days Bucket

                Price                          RS. 25  
              Details    100 MB (500 MB What’s app, Face book, Twitter, line)  
          Activation Code                     *3350#

Weekly Ufone Internet Packages

Ufone is also providing weekly internet packages. There are many packages for week. You can choose any of them according to your requirement. You can easily subscribe it on your Ufone number.

The validity of these packages is for 7 days.

 Packages mention in below list.

Package        Price        DetailsActivation Code
Weekly Light         RS. 50         250 MB         *7811#
Super Internet         RS. 130          1.2 GB         *220#
Weekly Internet Plus         RS. 175           3 GB        *260#

     Monthly Ufone Internet Packages

Ufone is the best network in Pakistan. It provides affordable packages to its customers. If you are willing to activate internet packages on monthly basis then Ufone provides you this service in affordable rates. Following are the monthly Ufone internet packages. You can subscribe any one according to your requirement.

These packages are valid for 30 days.

     Packages         Price       DetailsActivation Code
Monthly Light        RS. 2501 GB + 2 GB Social Media Data        *7807#
Monthly Heavy        RS. 5003 GB + 2 GB Social Media Data       *803#
Monthly Max       RS. 100010 GB + 2 GB Social Media Data      *5100#
  •              Social Data Buckets

Moreover Ufone for internet packages also offering social data bundles of Ufone 4G packages to their customers. You can easily activate any social package according to your need. These packages provides at affordable rate. You can enjoy all of them by simply dialing some codes.

The validity for social data packages is different.

Here is the packages list:

  Packages     Price   Details   ValidityActivation Code
Social Daily      RS. 5    100 MB    01 Day     *4422#
   Daily Chat            RS. 510,000 SMS + Unlimited What’s app        01 Day    *3465#
 Streaming  Offer         RS. 8500 MB (You Tube Daily Motion)     01 Hour       *78#
   Social  Monthly        RS. 50Free Usage on Face book, Twitter & What’s app      30 Days      *5858#
  •        Ufone Internet Device Packages

Ufone also provide internet package on device to stay connect with family and friends. When you are far away from your office you can easily check your Emails, send project details or even talk to staff by using Ufone internet device. That’s why Ufone provides best packages on EVO.

Here we discuss Ufone 4G device packages 2020.

Charji EVO:

The price of Charji EVO device is Rs 2500.

Line rent volume billing model is in different terms:

  • 20 GB prepaid/postpaid for 30 days is required in Rs. 1000
  • 30 GB prepaid/postpaid is in Rs. 1250
  • 50 GB prepaid/postpaid for 30 days is available in Rs. 1500
  • Unlimited data for 30 days is available in Rs. 1999

Ufone provides best internet packages on daily, 3 days, weekly, monthly, social bundles and also a device packages on affordable prices. These are reasonable packages for customers. Now you can enjoy internet with these packages.