Travel Nursing Jobs with good pay and benefits in United States

Travel Nursing Jobs

Travel nursing is the Registered Nurses (RNs) practice that locates on different medical institutions, such as hospitals or clinics on purpose; filling out short term foreign classes the basket on a temporary basis. Travel nursing job is an amazing and best career choice for RNs in United States. Many of registered nurses want to work as travel nursing in all across United States. Most of this kind of job is require in US. United States offers such type of job vacancies for the nurse’s job convenience.

That’s why, here we provide a complete detail of job opportunities in US and also describe many other essential things that will help the nurses to learn how to appoint as a traveling nurse in US.

Travel Nursing Job Description:

Travel nurses are medical professionals who guide patients and perform a wide range of duties like taking medication and preparing diet meals. This is highly respectable and the most popular professional career option.

 This is the Registered Nurses Practice, which place on different locations like in hospitals.  Registered nurses take 13 weeks assignment then become a travel nurse and travel from location to location. Travelling nurses works as same as Registered Nurses perform their duties. Travel nurses travelling around the US or also other countries and nursing the new patients in travel. This job requires hard work and very tough time to travel, meet with new people, and nursing the patients. Some nurses must have to learn unique way of nursing, practices, and skills at the travelling time as per traveler’s demands where they are working.

Travel Nurses Jobs Opportunity in America:

America offers many job opportunities in many of its states for the travel nurses to build their career in such a respectable career. In United States, to become a travel nurse you must have at least 1 year of Registered Nurse experience. Travel nursing job also require a Bachelor’s Degree.

 Many of highly popular American states are providing travelling nurse job opportunities to nursing the patients in different hospitals, clinics, or homes. Florida is offering such job vacancy with

  • Excellent pay rates for per week
  • Require time limit
  • The team support to in-house clinical nursing
  • And also a travel reimbursement

California is also offering such job opportunity for the interested candidates. There are 84,703 vacancies for the nurses to appoint as a travel nurse. In California, UCSF Medical Center, Eisenhower Medical Center, and UC San Diego Health System are providing job vacancies.

Travelling nurses job opportunities are more in Texas. There are 60,893 vacancies for such job.

Michigan is another American State, which is providing a job opportunity to registered nurses to become a travel nurse in United State. In Michigan, there are 18,955 job vacancies for travelling nurses. In this American state, travel nurses earn great benefits with a basic pay. There are many top agencies that hire travel nurses. The agencies are American Mobile Healthcare, One Staff Medical, and KPG Healthcare.

The American State, Colorado is best for RNs to work in US top hospitals where they earn best with other valuable perks. Colorado is providing a lot of career opportunities to travelling nurses. In Georgia, travel nurses earn more than other American States in a week. They earn superior travel payment with a lot of top benefits. Travel nurses in Georgia also traveling with other cities like Atlanta.

There are also job opportunities for travelling nurses in Hawaii. They earn more than other American states because their weekly income range is up to $2,105. Hawaii also provides other perks and benefits like

  • Private Furnished Housing
  • Housing Stipend
  • Retirement Plans
  • And Health Benefits

That’s why, RNs should apply in such state as per to enjoy these perks.

In America, Alaska State is also offering many job opportunities for RNs. In Alaska, there are many hospitals in which interested candidates can apply for such job. The hospitals are “Providence Alaska Medical Center, Alaska Regional Hospital, and Fairbanks Memorial Hospital”. Some agencies are also available in Alaska that hires the Travelling Nurses are “Stability Healthcare, Aequor Healthcare, and Total Med Staffing”.

Alabama is offering many job vacancies for the interested RNs. In many cities of Alabama, 1,334 job vacancies are available for RNs with many benefits such as

  • Health Insurance
  • Housing Allowances
  • And others

Alabama has recently posted such job vacancies in its cities so, the candidates should apply there.

In American State, Ohio, 2,347 job vacancies are recently posted on Ohio has also recently provided job opportunities for the interested travel nurses. We have posted all job opportunities in this post for travelling nurses in American States. Many states post their jobs mostly on and many other websites. So, the interested candidates can easily online apply for this job in different American States. Keep in touch to get more updates about international job vacancies websites.