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Travel Nurses Salary United States 2021 and benefits (Average)

Travel Nurses Job is best opportunity for nurses to work in United States and earn the best pay with other perks and privileges. United States provides many benefits such as high level of salary, bonuses, and an opportunity to work in the best American place like Hawaii.  Travelling nurse really makes more money by moving from location to location.

The actual amount, which they make, is typically base on different factors. We are writing this post to provide knowledge to RNs about travel nurses salary in United States 2021.

How much do Travel Nurses make in a Year? (Average) Salary 2021:

A travel nurse makes more money by doing such job. But the average annual salary of travel nurse is $108,070 in 2021. According to Bureau of Labor Statistic (BLS) the average salary is higher than the average mean salary of staff nurses, which is $75,330 in a year. The exact income that travelling nurse makes, base on work area, type of nursing position, and the contract length. For example, if a travel nurse work more in a month then will make more income. But if they only work for one or two months in a year then their annual pay will become less.  Some agencies also provide many perks and privileges like retirement option amount, life, and health insurance.

How much does Travel Nurse make Per hour / week / Month ?

The annual income of a travel nurse depends on his/her working time period. In a month, they will earn $8,200 by assuming $20 per hour at 40 hours in a week with minus taxes.

If you will work more in a year then make a huge amount otherwise make less. Some American states and cities offer higher income due to a large nursing demand while some pay higher as per experience. For example, if a travel nurse is traveling to Alaska State in winter season then he/she has an opportunity to earn more money by working in Hawaii State in same winter season.

Travel Nursing Jobs

According to source, we found travel nurses specialties annual salary in 2021

Travel Nurses Annual Salary in the Top Highest Paying Cities in 2021
Highest Paying American CitiesPer Year Salary
San Jose City$120,339
Oakland City$118,971
Tanaina City$118,482
Wasilla City$118,480
Summersville City$118,276
Hayward City$116,479
Jackson City$116,354
Norwalk City$116,047

A travel nurse monthly income also base on nursing specialties. If you are a specialist will earn more in a month and make high amount per year. Some specialties and their salaries describe as follows:

  • Critical Care Travel Nurse
  • ICU Specialist Travel Nurse
  • ER Knowledge Specialist
  • Labor and Delivery Specialist
  • PACU Specialist
  • NICU Specialist
  • Orthopedics Specialist Nurse

According to source, we found travel nurses specialties annual salary in 2021. 

Travel Nurses Specialties in 2021 Per Year
SpecialtiesPer Year Salary
ICU Specialist Travel Nurse$138,909
PACU Travel Nurse$124,195
Labor and Delivery Specialist Travel Nurse$114,690
Cath Lab Trained Travel Nurse$114,352
OR Travel Nurse Specialist$113,613

Travel nursing job is best and flexible who can work both on a short and long term basis; many nurses can try temporary secession tasks, regardless of whether they are single, married, or have a family.

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