Today Namaz time Pakistan – Prayer time

Today Namaz time Pakistan

In addition to namaz instances for these days, the table underneath indicates the schedule of prayer timings for an arbitrary duration, the time of the morning prayer Fajr, the hours of which maximum closely coincide with the beginning of the navigation twilight, the midday prayer of Zuhr, the afternoon of Asar, the nighttime prayer of Maghrib, and also the time of the night prayer of Isha. In the right fields, you may pick out the time range for developing your very own namaz time schedule. If you be aware an mistakes inside the calculation of the prayer instances, make sure to allow us to recognize in order that we will fix it as quickly as possible.


Today Namaz time Pakistan

Namaz time table for Rawalpindi Islamabad (Pakistan)

29.0405 Ramadan03:4912:0415:4618:4820:14
30.0406 Ramadan03:4812:0415:4618:4920:15
01.0507 Ramadan03:4612:0415:4618:5020:16
02.0508 Ramadan03:4512:0415:4618:5120:17
03.0509 Ramadan03:4412:0415:4618:5120:18
04.0510 Ramadan03:4312:0315:4618:5220:19
05.0511 Ramadan03:4112:0315:4618:5320:20
06.0512 Ramadan03:4012:0315:4618:5420:21
07.0513 Ramadan03:3912:0315:4618:5520:22
08.0514 Ramadan03:3812:0315:4618:5520:24
09.0515 Ramadan03:3612:0315:4618:5620:25
10.0516 Ramadan03:3512:0315:4618:5720:26
11.0517 Ramadan03:3412:0315:4618:5820:27
12.0518 Ramadan03:3312:0315:4718:5820:28
13.0519 Ramadan03:3212:0315:4718:5920:29
14.0520 Ramadan03:3112:0315:4719:0020:30
15.0521 Ramadan03:3012:0315:4719:0120:31
16.0522 Ramadan03:2912:0315:4719:0120:32
17.0523 Ramadan03:2812:0315:4719:0220:33
18.0524 Ramadan03:2712:0315:4719:0320:34
19.0525 Ramadan03:2612:0315:4719:0320:35
20.0526 Ramadan03:2512:0315:4719:0420:36
21.0527 Ramadan03:2412:0315:4719:0520:37
22.0528 Ramadan03:2312:0315:4719:0620:38
23.0529 Ramadan03:2212:0415:4819:0620:39
24.0530 Ramadan03:2212:0415:4819:0720:40

Namaz time table for Rawalpindi Islamabad (Pakistan)