A fitness/physical test consists of a series of exercises, which help to evaluate candidate’s general health and physical status. Before starting training, physical test is like a measurement tool to assess the overall fitness. Fitness test is necessary for army, rangers, or ASF jobs because it shows candidate body and mind fitness. This test describes that person is mentally or physically fit for this job or not. Fitness test consists of exercise and run distance. To pass this fitness test, the most important thing is to have a good health. A good health consists of

  • Muscles Strength
  • Prevent from injury
  • Proper rest
  • Proper diet
  • Good flexibility

How to pass a Fitness/Physical Test

For a fitness test candidate gets training of running, push-ups, pull-ups, chin-ups, and sit-ups. These are the essential exercises, which candidate learn to pass the test and appoints on his destination post. Without passing a fitness/physical test you can not get the jobs in army, rangers, or ASF sector.

Here are 10 tips to pass the fitness/physical test.

Ten tips to pass a fitness/physical test:

  1. Establish a Cardiovascular Fitness

To build a base of cardiovascular fitness, candidates must do proper exercise to improve his strength, speed, and power. To establish a solid fitness should start long and slow exercises to become a strong. When you will properly fit, can easily run and perform for each work.

2.Prepare for the Push-Up Test:

Push-Up test is compulsory for army, rangers, and ASF jobs. So, it should clear to join these jobs. To pass the push-up test here are some tips:

  • Place the hands in proper shape just like outside of shoulder width with fingers that pointing in the forward direction
  • Bend the elbows with 90 degree
  • Touch the chest on the ground
  • Up and down in accurate position
  • Do 42 push-ups in 15 minutes

3. Prepare for Sit-ups test:

Sit-ups are also an exercise to pass the fitness test. This test requires checking candidate’s strength and flexibility. A test is used by army and rangers. This is just for 1 to 2 minutes test. A test consists of:

  • Hands bend behind the head and fingers are interlocked
  • Touch elbows to knees and shoulders to ground
  • Keep in relax position on down
  • Keep rest in upward position
  • 53 sit-ups in 15 minutes
Pull-ups or Chin-up

4. Prepare for Pull-ups or Chin-ups

This test requires for army and rangers to check the candidate’s strength. It’s an upper body exercise and has not any specific time limit. Pull-ups perform in such way:

  • Exert on upward
  • No kipping
  • Loop upside/straight
  • Chin over bar and straight an arms

5. Build a powerful stamina for running:

Running is the best exercise to keep healthy and strong in life. Running test is required in army, rangers, and also for police job. Here are some mile areas for each job, which shows how much candidate run for his/her destination job sector.

  • 1.5 mile running for AF and Police job
  • 2 mile running for army
  • 4 mile running for Navy SEAL (weekly base)
  • 5 mile running for Ranger job

This running area helps you to prepare yourself to pass the test.6

6. Swimming test:

Swimming test is held by Navy, army, and rangers to check candidate’s body movement. Time limits to pass the swimming tests are as follows:

  • 500yd for Navy SEAL job
  • Full Gear swims for Rangers job

Swimming test explains your body movement under water. Candidates must practice for swimming to pass and appoint to the applying post.

7. Prepare for the Ruck Marches test:

This test is held by the military and forestry sectors to check the running ability with holding a back pack. The back pack contains 40 to 80 lbs weighs and covers 2 till 3 hours distance. It just like a running test but it uses a back pack. A standard pace for Ruck Marches test is 4 mph. Candidates who apply for military or forestry jobs must practice before appearing in this test.

8. Prepare for Obstacle Courses:

Preparation for obstacle courses helps to get qualified for applying job. Obstacle courses explain how to reduce from dangerous situation at the workplace. It’s held by the army, and police sectors. This test consists of

  • Crawling Sections; low, bear, and dragging types crawl
  • Climbing on the walls, ropes, fences, and stairs
  • Sprinting Sections; run in sand or hills

9. Prepare for Crunches:

Crunches test is held by the police, army, and ASF to check candidate’s ability to deal in critical situation at the workplace. The standard time for this test is 1 to 2 minutes and pacing exercise has 30 intervals. This test performs in such a way:

  • Candidate’s arm and hands crossed over his chest
  • His elbows tightly closed or knees keep to the floor
  • Exert on upside and relax on downside

This is the best fitness test to keep strong and physically fit for the job.

10. Prepare for Bench Press:

Bench press test performs in many sectors, mostly in army and rangers. This test performs like:

  • Feet flat on the ground
  • Hips side is on the bench and arms in straight position

Try to going up and controlled on downside

Here we provide some tips or exercises to pass the fitness/physical test. Some exercises are required for army and rangers, few for police sector. To join these sectors you must get training for these exercises and keep physically healthy to appear in fitness tests.

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