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Tigers force job A group of volunteers that will help the government to fight problems that arise due to corona virus and help those in need

tiger force job


  • Identification of deserving people in respective locality
  • Rashan Distribution in respective locality Transportation & Mobilization of Workers on honorary hired vehicles
  • Space provision for storage of goods etc. in respective locality
  • Quarantine Center Management in respective locality
  • Surveillance of home quarantine in respective locality
  • Social Guide in Hospital / Public Places
  • Data collection of unemployed laborer
  • Track & Trace (Suspect & Report)
  • Identification of

Hoarding, high prices, adulteration

  • Violation of restrictions
  • High handedness of administration
  • Public Announcements & Funeral Management
  • Enforcement of Lock down

Any other task / assignment assigned by the concerned Govt. authority


  • People aged 18 & above
  • Healthy people
  • People who are willing


  • Recognition by the Prime Minister
  • Issuance of certificates by concerned Deputy Commissioner


  • The services to be provided by the registered volunteer will be considered as a donation towards a greater cause i.e. service to the nation and humanity and under no circumstances any wages, salary or benefits from the government to be expected.
  • The services to be provided by the volunteer is considered to be willful not forced.
  • The volunteer shall not consider this assignment as an employment.
  • The volunteers shall act responsibly and abide by all laws, rules, regulations and conduct enforced by the Government.
  • The volunteer if required, shall keep the Government’s data confidential.
  • The volunteer shall remain standby till any assignment conveyed to him / her.
  • The volunteer shall ensure that all the relevant details provided are authentic / correct.
  • The volunteer can be assigned any need based task that might be different to the skill mentioned by him / her.
  • Once registration is completed, volunteers will be informed through PCP for further proceedings

The volunteers will be contacted by the concerned Deputy Commissioner Office.

Tigers force job

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