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The Beauty of Lahore , Most Visited Places In Lahore

The Beauty of Lahore.

Lahore is a second largest city of Pakistan. It is the capital of Punjab and is considered to be the cultural and food capital of the country.

Eight (8) Best Picnic Point of Lahore :

  • Minare Pakistan ;  (built March 23, 1960 )
  • The Minaret is built at the place where Lahore Resolution was passed on 23rd March, 1940. It was the first official declaration demanding separate Muslim state for the Muslims of the subcontinent. Minar-E-Pakistan is adjacent to Badshahi Mosque and Lahore Fort.This is a beauty of Lahore.
  • Badshahi Mosque ; (built 1672-74)
  • The beautiful  Badshahi Mosque: a symbol of Pakistani pride and heritage. Badshahi Mosque is the second largest mosque of Pakistan, located in provincial capital Lahore of Punjab.This is a beauty of Lahore.
  • Shahi Fort Lahore ; ( built 1566 )
  • Lahore Fort or Shahi Qila as it is also known as stands in the historic city of Lahore.This fort is also known as the Lahore fort and Badshahi Qila (Royal Fort) This is a beauty of Lahore.

  • Sozo Water Park ;
  • Sozo Water Park Lahore is an amusement water park for water lover people for all age.Sozo Water Park Lahore is one of the largest amusement and water parks in Pakistan. located in Canal Bank Road near Jallo Park.This is a beauty of Lahore.

  • Wagah Border Lahore ;
  • The only land border open between Pakistan and India (Lahore-Amritsar route) The Wagha border post is open daily for foreigners.The town is famous for the Wagah border ceremony and also serves as a goods transit terminal and a railway station between Pakistan and India.This is a beauty of Lahore.

  • Jahangir Tomb ; ( built 1627)
  •  The Tombs of Jahangir and Nur Jahan: A Forlorn Reminder of Their Passionate Relationship.The Tomb of Jahangir is a 17th-century mausoleum built for the Mughal Emperor Jahangir.This is a beauty of Lahore.

  • Wazir khan Mosque ; ( built 1641 )
  • The Wazir Khan Mosque is 17th century mosque.The Wazir Khan mosque is one amazing piece of artwork which is appreciated for its incredibly awesome faience tile work.located in the city of Lahore.This is a beauty of Lahore.

  • Jallo Park ; ( established in 1978 )
  • This is a multipurpose park located around 20 km east of Lahore. It was built in 1978 over 456 acres. It is a Public Recreation, forest and wild life conservation.This is a Beauty of Lahore.

  • This is a Beauty of Lahore.
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