Tehsildar salary in Pakistan – Pay Scale – work and power

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Tehsildar Salary In Pakistan Basic Pay Scale Grade Pay Allowances. In Government department, Tehsildar BS-16 post, they get their basic minimum pay of Rs 18,910 and they have their maximum basic pay of Rs. 64,510, increment is of Rs 1520.

Tehsildar salary in Pakistan

It is estimated that these revenue officers get Rs 1520 as their increment on a per year basis but all of these are the estimated figures and numbers and they are subject to change, revision always.

  • Patwari – BPS-9
  • Gardawar/ qaunongo – BPS-11
  • Naib tehsildar BPS- 14
  • Tehsildar – BPS-16
  • Assistant Commissioner BPS-17
  • Additional Commissioner BPS-18
  • commissioner BPS-20 or 21
Tehsildar salary in Pakistan

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Over all take salary of a Tehsildar is around 50000–55000 per month. However, due to being an important Revenue Officer in charge of a Tehsil he has a large number of employees like BDOs, VLOs, Patwaris, Kanoongos etc, under his control. He is in charge of a huge development budget too. An enterprising (Read Corrupt) Tehsildar can easily make a million a year in a corrupt state.

Promotion in Pakistan

A naib Tehsildar promote as Tehsildar in Grade 16. As per rules , 20 percent vacancies filled on seniority basis. and other filled by ppsc/fpsc So a Tehsildar after having been promoted as a PMS officer in Grade 17 can be posted as AC.

The Tehsildar is a State Government’s Key Position. He has elaborate duties and vast powers to maintain all land and revenue records of his Tehsil. The Land Revenue is collected by his Staff i.e RI ( Revenue Inspector) and Patwari. All land acquisition and Property acquisition cases are prepared by his office.

He is the in-charge of all Government Lands. Any new Project is based on the availability of Government lands i.e College, Hospital or so on. Tehsildar has many tightly defined Magisterial Powers also to exercise public unrest.

Tehsildar also monitors Foods and Supplies of His Tehsil to Seeds and Fertilizer requirements. Tehsildar is a Position of Highest Ground Duty and responsibility.

They enjoy the powers of Executive Magistrate, Assistant Collector and Sub Registrar/Joint Sub Registrar.

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He is the In charge of tehsil Revenue Agency and is responsible for proper preparation and maintenance of tehsil Revenue Record and Revenue Accounts. He is also responsible for recovery of government dues under the various Acts.

He is supposed to have proper control over the working of Patwaris and Kanungos and for this purpose the Tehsildar and Naib Tehsildars make inspection of patwaris and kanungos working under them.

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