Most of the IT graduates or Computer Science bachelors want to job as a security specialist to utilize their graduation. Australia offers security analysts jobs 2021 in its cities for the interested candidates who want to build their career in international country. Security specialist jobs consist of many kinds of security such as cyber security, network security, IT security, and many more. Cyber security is one of the jobs to handle IT and network data. Security specialist works to secure organizations data. This job relates to keep safe company’s or organization’s data from leaking to some other companies. This kind of job is very critical to secure data because the data, which comes from inside the organization that could be either intentionally or accidently. The IT graduates or computer science bachelors candidates who want to join this job now can apply in all Australia.

Security Specialist job description

Here we provide compete description of security analysts jobs 2021, its salary, and basic academic qualification.

Security Specialist Job in Australia 2021, Sydney Job Description:

Security analyst’s job is a responsible job to secure companies or organizations sensitive data. For the interested candidates who want to join as a security specialist, Australia has offered many job vacancies in this sector in all its cities. In Sydney, Australia offers cyber security jobs 2021 for the IT graduates or CS bachelors. The last date to apply for the cyber security job is July 27, 2021. The candidates should apply for this job before the closing date.

The job requirement duties for a security officer describe as follows:

  • Security analysts must have a sharp and analytical mind to handle company’s data
  • They should have efficient and effective to face challenges
  • Must to be specialists in Technical Assurance and Assessment
  • The applying candidates must be specialist in Threat Management

Sydney requires experienced candidates who have knowledge of technical assurance, developing and implementing security policies, and awareness of IT security controls to join as a security officer. In Sydney, the average salary of security analysts is $142,715 in a year. The starting salary of entry level employee with 1-3 years of experience is $100,632 while the employee with 8 plus years of experience makes $177,271.

The average salary of a cyber security officer in Australia is $110,181 in a year or $56.50 in an hour. The entry level employee makes $91,713 and the experienced employee earn $147,367 in one year.

Eligibility Criteria of Security Specialist in Australia:

Here we provide the eligibility criteria of security analysts for the candidates who want to apply in this sector.

  • The applying candidates must have a bachelors degree in computer science, programming, or in a related field
  • Candidates could have graduation in IT or tech related field
  • Must have a completing relevant industry certification like Comp TIA Security plus Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), and Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

For this kind of job, in term of specific degrees, IT and Computer Science fields are highly preferable degrees.

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