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Salary of Captain in Pak army [ranks and Promotion]

The Pakistan Army is the land unit of the Pakistani Armed Forces. It originated on August 14, 1947, when Pakistan appeared on the world map. It has an essential place in the Pakistan Army due to its nation wide sacrifices. Pakistan Army has linked with British Indian colonial policy and Indian Army’s military experience. In the Pakistan Army, officers are ranked with different ranks and pay scales. These ranks are the best standing army ranks in the whole world. Here we provide Caption’s salary, uniform, and other facilities information for those candidates who want to know these things before joining the Pak Army.

Salary of Captain in Pakistan Army

  • uniform: khaki
  • Pay Scale : 18th Grade
  • Promotion: Captain to Major (mostly after five to six years as a captain)
  • Rank insignia : Three metal pip on shoulder

Captain’s Salary:

In the Pakistan Army, a captain is either like the commander or second-in-command of a company. A captain is generally required to highest rank in the Pak Army while soldier remaining in the field with his best performance. To become a captain, it takes 3 to 4 years and age will be 22 years at that time. A Captain has BPS 18 grade pay scale in the Pakistani Armed Force. A Captain has 48,000 basic salaries with 4,680 Adhoc allowance and 15,320 other allowance. So, the total/gross salary becomes 68,000. Captains are paid with double amount because they work in hard areas like Israel and Siberia due to United Nation Peace and calm mission. A Captain requires many benefits other than his/her gross salary.

Captain’s Uniform and Pak army captain facilities:

Pak Army Captains receive their uniform after joining the Armed Force.  A Captain wears khaki uniform, their ranks mention on shoulders, and NCOs wear on the arm. Their name mentions on chest pocket. In the Pak Army, Captains receives many other facilities like those other government departments provide benefits to their employees.  These benefits are free medical treatments, a house with two rooms in case of married marital status, and an apartment in case of single or unmarried status, children schools expenses, and a well furnished separate office. Pakistan Army also provides paid mess and free membership of golf clubs for captain’s convenience due to their highest rank. They require a free servant or batman to captains.

The pension, which is given to the captains same as that of other government officers acquires. A Captain does not require any land or house at the time of retirement. The salaries and facilities criteria of the captain are not compared to the General.

 Captain’s Promotion Time Period:

A Captain gets promotion after 5 years of service in his rank. After five years as captain, he promoted to a Major rank, at that time his age will be 27 years.

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