Salary of 2nd lieutenant in Pak army 2024 | rank Power & benefits

Second Lieutenants are placed in the combat units, with specialized platoons who have more power and experience. Their main work is to lead infantry soldiers into combat units, and work with the experienced platoon and two efficient squad leaders. Here we provide some information about 2nd lieutenant salary and other facilities for Lieutenant in the Pak Army.

Salary of Lieutenant in Pak Army

He may get 50% discount on his ticket if he travels through PIA or Pakistan railways

  • uniform: khaki
  • Pay Scale : 17th Grade
  • Promotion: Second Lieutenants to Captain
  • Rank insignia : Single metal pip on shoulder

Lieutenant’s Salary:

Second lieutenant’s salaries are little bit less than other officers in the army but the fringe benefits and some allowances cover it all up. The pay scale of 2nd Lieutenant is BPS 17grade in the Pakistan Army.

Their basic salary is around 41,000 with 4,080 special allowances, and 4,080 Adhoc allowances. The Pak Army deducts various funds and bills from 2nd Lieutenant Salary such as sports funds, martyrs funds, mess bill, and laundry bills. So, after deduction their total/net salary becomes 48,000.

Their salary rises after two years at this rank.

A 2nd lieutenant in pak army gets around 24000 salary during training and around 48000 after the training. Salary of the Pak Army Officer is less as compare to other officer. A Second Lieutenant is a BPS 17 Grade Officer while an ASP in the Police who is also a 17th Grade Officer gets payed around 65000 PKR –70,000 PKR as compared to a Second Lieutenant who is payed around 48,000 PKR.

Lieutenant’s Job Facilities, and Privileges:

A second Lieutenant is the lowest ranking commissioned officer in the armed force. It ranks under a general and above a major general position. It’s an entry level lowest commissioned officer rank in the Pak Army. Pakistan Army provides free membership of golf clubs to 2nd Lieutenant. He may receive 50% discount on PIA tickets and Pakistan railways for traveling. Their mess is also free until them at cadet position but pay when get a job as 2nd Lieutenant. Lieutenant does not acquire house so, he lives in army hostels. They can’t marry until they become a captain.  A second lieutenant salutes to every officer who is in the military and relates to allies of their nation. They also salute at protocol demand, which shows a sign of respect.

2nd lieutenant eligibility criteria

A selection criterion of second lieutenant is based on minimum intermediate qualification with 17 till 22 years of age. With this qualification and age, candidates can apply for second lieutenant rank. However, Pak Army provides 3 months relaxation in age, could be lower or upper.

Second Lieutenant’s Promotion time Period:

An officer becomes a second lieutenant after 2 years of training, at that time his age is 19 years. It requires 3 years of service as a second lieutenant, and then becomes a captain. He will be 22 years when promoted to the captain’s rank. There are many youngsters who want to join Pak Army and know about that how much a Captains and Lieutenants do earn in the army. They also want to know about their salaries and facilities, which Pak Army provides them. That’s why here we provide some information about Captain and Lieutenant Rank.

Salary and benefits:

As of my knowledge cutoff in April 2024, the basic starting salary of a 2nd Lieutenant in the Pakistan Army was approximately Rs. 61,500 per month. However, this amount can vary depending on factors such as the branch of service, years of experience, and other factors.

In addition to the salary, 2nd Lieutenants in the Pakistan Army are eligible for a range of benefits, including:

  1. Medical benefits: The Pakistan Army provides comprehensive medical coverage for its officers and their families.
  2. Retirement benefits: The Army offers a pension system for its officers, which provides a retirement income after a certain number of years of service.
  3. Education benefits: The Army also provides educational benefits for its officers, which includes funding for advanced degrees and professional development courses.
  4. Housing allowance: Depending on your location and family status, you may be eligible for a monthly housing allowance to help cover the cost of rent or mortgage payments.
  5. Leave and vacation time: As a 2nd Lieutenant, you will accrue paid leave that can be used for personal or family reasons.
  6. Military discounts: You may be eligible for a variety of military discounts, such as reduced rates on travel, entertainment, and other goods and services.

It’s worth noting that these benefits can vary depending on individual circumstances, and there may be additional benefits available depending on your branch of service and other factors.

Eligibility Criteria for joining Pakistan Army

  • All the applicants have intermediate or equivalent qualifications with the age of 17-22 years.
  • For Bachelor 17-23 year
  • 4 year degree program is 17-24 years.

The first stage 2nd lieutenant army salary in Pakistan is 41,000 PKR. These is the basic salary packages. 2nd lieutenant gets 4,080 PKR special allowances, and his 4,080 Adhoc allowances.

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