Pak navy Sailor ranks and Salary (Technical & Marine) uniform

In here, What is the starting salary for a sailor? in Pak navy monthly & rank Technical Sailor uniform. pak navy marine technical sailor uniform rank salary in Pakistan. Detail of Pakistan navy sailor salary rank and uniform info. If you want to Join Pak navy latest new sailor batch 2024 then online apply.

Pak navy sailor ranks and salary

  • Mariner is an individual who lives, works, or goes via sea. An example of a mariner is an individual serving in the naval force. One who follows the matter of exploring ships or different vessels one who comprehends the reasonable administration of boats one of the teams of a vessel a typical sailor.
  • A mariner or a sailor is an individual who works onboard a watercraft as a feature of its group and may work in any of various fields that are identified with the activity and maintenance of a boat.
  • Pak navy Sailor salary (BS-07), their minimum basic salary is Rs. 16,310 and their maximum basic pay & salary is Rs.43,610 and are getting an annual increment of amount Rs 910 in every year.
  • The salary of a sailor is approximately 34,000 – 38,000 Rupees. The basic pay scale of a sailor is BPS-07 and this is the training period for turning into a higher level.

pak navy technical sailor uniform

Ranks of a sailor in Pakistan Navy

A common deck crew for a ship includes

  • Captain / Master

        Chief Officer / Chief Mate

  • Second Officer / Second Mate
  • Third Officer / Third Mate
  • Boatswain (unlicensed Petty Officer: Qualified member Deck Dept.)
  • Able seamen (unlicensed qualified rating)
  • Ordinary seamen (entry-level rating)
  • Deck Cadet / unlicensed Trainee navigator / Midshipman

Sailor Salary in Pakistan Navy

The basic Salary of a sailor in the Pakistan in join pak Navy is 34,500 PKR

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