Ministry of housing and works hiring notification of rental ceiling of federal government employees 2021. Prime Minister Imran Khan has approved a 44% increase in the rental ceiling for federal government employees. Per a notification issued in this regard by the Prime Minister’s Office, the increase in house rent will be applicable to federal government employees, starting from grade 1 to grade 22. The increase in rent will be applicable to employees stationed in different cities of the Pakistan.

Revision of rental ceiling 2021 notification

The Federal Government is pleased to enhance rental ceiling for hiring of residential accommodation in Federal Ministries/Attached Departments/ Divisions/Subordinate Offices at Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi Quetta and Peshawar as under w.e.f. 01-07-2021.

1. it is proposed that the rental ceiling for the Federal Government employees in BS-1-22 at Six Specified stations i.e. Rawalpindi, Lahore, Karachi. Peshawar and Quetta may be enhanced @ 44% of existing rental ceiling w.e.f. 01-07-2021 as under:
Entitlement Existing Rental Ceiling B.S Proposed Rental Ceiling after 44% increase Other Islamabad Other Specified Islamabad Specified Stations.

revision of rental ceiling for hiring of residential accommodation 2021

House rent ceiling notification 2021 Pakistan

B.S Islamabad Other Specified Islamabad 44% Other city’s 44%
1-2Rs. 4881/- Rs. 4577/- Rs. 7029/- Rs. 6591/-
3-6Rs. 7625/-Rs. 6704/-Rs. 10980/-Rs. 9654/-
7-10Rs. 11391/-Rs. 10196/-Rs. 16403/-Rs. 14682/-
11-13Rs. 17183/-Rs. 14904-Rs. 24744-Rs. 21462/-
14-16Rs. 21587/-Rs. 18843/-Rs. 31085/-Rs. 27134-
17-18Rs. 28574/-Rs. 24929/-Rs. 41147/-Rs. 35898-
19 Rs. 37989/-Rs. 54704/-Rs. 54704/-Rs. 46816/-
20Rs. 47709-Rs. 41027/-Rs. 68700/-Rs. 59079/-
21Rs. 57126/-Rs. 49380/-Rs. 82261-Rs. 71107/-
22Rs. 68364- Rs. 61965/-Rs. 98444/-Rs. 89230/-

Approval of the Honorable Prime Minister to the proposal contained in para-4 above is solicited please.
The Federal Minister for Housing and Works has seen and authorized submission of the Summary.

Rental ceiling of federal government employees 2021
Rental ceiling of federal government employees 2021