Renewal Driving License Online – Pakistan How to Apply

Renewal Driving License Online

Driving license is basically a certificate, which gives you a permit of surety that you have the particular skills to drive your vehicle. To get this certificate, you need to be perfect and trained in driving. Hence, we can say that it’s a permit to ensure your and other’s people safety on the road. In case of any serious accident, it will help you to identify that you have a legal authority of driving. It also helps to precede in legal processes to come out from the trouble situation of accident other wise you get into a complications and government also being imposed extra charges on you.

Due to hectic schedule and avoid the spending a day in a long row, every one choose an online method to complete his/her work. That’s why, now you can get your driving license under you ceiling through one click.

How to Apply for Driving License in Pakistan Online?

In this post, we are writing the details of “How to apply for a Driving License in Pakistan Online”, which make ease to know the initial applying process.

  • You have to Login into the official website and the main page of the driving license online website will open
  • On the main page, the options of Licensing Centers, License Information, Downloads, and others will show you
  • So, you have to Click on the Download option
  • At this section, the two option will show you such as Regular Driving License Form and Driving License Renewal Form
  • At that section, the options of Duplicate and International Forms are also available
  • You have to download the Driving License Form and Fill in the Basic Information that require also attach the photographs and require documents

Appling Procedure for Learner Driving License:

To get the permanent driving license, firstly you must have to apply for a learner driving license. This will help you easily get a Permanent Driving License to ensure your safety and other’s safety on such a busy roads.

The learner license have issued by the government of Pakistan on daily basis and the validity remains just for 6 months. The maximum age of applicant must be 18 years for motor bike and car licensewhile the age should be up to 21 years for light traffic transports like Taxi, Tractor, and Rickshaw.

Require Documents for Learner Driving License;

For a learner driving license, you must have to provide the following documents.

  • Your National Identity Card (CNIC)
  • You have to get a ticket of Rs 60 from the Post Office
  • Must have a Code Book of Traffic Rules and Regulations
  • Must provide your Medical Fitness Certificate

Appling Procedure for the Permanent Driving License:

Permanent Driving License is the permit from the government of Pakistan to legally drive on the roads. Here we describe the process of “How to get your Permanent Driving License”.

  • After 42 days of applying date, you get called by the City Traffic Police for the initial test
  • The officer will check your traffic signs understanding through the Computerized Testing System
  • After clearing this test, you will receive the call for the practical driving test that would explain your driving style on the vehicle
  • And finally you will get your driving License

Driving Licenses prints from “Traffic HQrs Qurban Lines Lahore” and then deliver to candidate’s address.

The essential thing to know is you can track your driving license delivery online through simply clicking on License Info option by entering your CNIC number. The permanent driving license is valid for 5 years and after that you can renew it.

Require Documents for the Permanent Driving License;

For permanent driving license, you must have to provide following documents.

  • Form A, which you can download from the official website link
  • Must has to provide Learner Certificate
  • Provide your Medical Fitness Report
  • Recent 3 attested Photographs
  • Your CNIC Copy
  • Also require a Ticket with a Fee Slip. Fee charges depend on the vehicle license.

Testing Fee Schedule for Permanent Driving License;

Driving License Test VehicleTest Fee
Motor BikeRs 50
CarRs  200
Agriculture TractorRs  50
Commercial TractorRs  100
LTV (Light Transport Vehicle)Rs 150
HTV (Heavy Transport Vehicle)Rs 200
PSV (Public Service Vehicle)Rs 200  
RickshawRs 50

How to Renew Driving License in Pakistan?

The permanent driving license validity remains for 5 years and after then you have to renew it. To renew your driving license, login into the official website and download the Driving License Renewal Form. City Traffic Police renews the driving license through their Computerized Licensing System.

Require Documents to Renew Driving License;

If you’re driving license has been expired and want to renew it, then you have to provide following documents.

  • Form E. Download it from the site
  • Must Attach Recent 2 Attested Photographs
  • Provide your Original Driving License
  • Must Provide your Medical Fitness Report
  • Also require a Driving License Ticket, which you can get from Post Office

Post Office Driving License Tickets Schedule;

To renew a driving license, you must have to provide post office tickets with other require document. For the candidate’s convenience, here we provide the Tickets schedule for different vehicles. In case of late renewal, you must have to pay plenty.

Driving License TypeRenewal TicketsFine Fee for 1 to 3 MonthsFine Fee for 3 Months to 1 YearFine Fee Per Year
Motor BikeRs 500Rs 50Rs100Rs 250
Car + LTV + Motor BikeRs 750Rs 75Rs 150Rs 375
PSV + HTVRs 1000Rs 100Rs 200Rs 500

LTV and HTV Driving License Requirement:

Here we also explain LTV and HTV driving license difference for candidate’s understanding.

  • Light Transport Vehicle (LTV) driving license is valuable for light vehicles such as car, jeep, mini bus, and many other light weighted transports.
  • Heavy Transport Vehicle (HTV) driving license requires for heavy transports like buses, trucks, cranes, trailers, and many others.
  • PSV driving license requires for Public Service Vehicles such as Rickshaw, Taxi, and others.
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