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How to stop a puppy from biting your feet and hands

How to stop a puppy from biting the finger, foot, or fingers of the foot, or legs is a question that is usually asked by puppy lovers and puppy trainers. The puppy bite can be controlled with simple methods and these methods are very much significant to control and tackle the biting of the puppies.

Whenever a puppy becomes a member of the family then that family faces the problem of disciplining techniques and disciplining methods of that puppy because that puppy creates problems while becoming a part of that family.

The wrong concept of stopping the puppy from Biting

It is really a wrong concept and it is really a wrong question on the part of the puppy lovers who always ask this question that how to stop the biting of the puppies in a way that the biting of the puppies can never be stopped because biting is very much natural to the puppies and this is a part of their nature in this way this should not be stopped rather it should be managed in a superb attractive and suitable way.

Management of puppy Biting

There are various methods to manage the biting of the puppies and they are listed below.

  1. Teaching method
  2. Gaming method
  3. Alternative Method
  4. Time out Method
  5. Offer Method
  6. Behavioral Reinforcement
  7. Trust Building Measures
  8. Same Coin Treatment of The Dog
  9. Puppy socialization
  10. Zero Punishment

When do the puppies Bite

The following methods will be explained in the following section and before moving forward to the following section, it is very much important to note that all the puppies have different types of razors to bite and these razors can be numbered in 28 and these 28 razors are used by the puppies at the time of fear, or disturbance, or they can be used at the time of danger from the puppies.

Teaching Method

How to stop a puppy from biting

It is the first method that should be used by puppy lovers and the trainers of the puppies as this is the method in which the puppies are responded to their bites in the same fashion as their other puppies usually respond to the bites of their fellow puppies.

When a puppy bites its fellow puppy then the puppy who has been bitten by that puppy also creates a huge sound which gives an indicator that the bite of the puppy hurt it, in this way the trainer should also create a loud shriek or wow in order to make his puppy feel that this site is going to hurt the trainer. With the passage of time when the puppy time and again will listen to this loud shrike the puppy certainly will control its disturbing moments and will bite only according to its disturbance.

Gaming Method

When the trainers mostly play with their puppies they get bite of the puppies at those moments when the puppy is supposed to stop the game are playing activities. Mostly the trainers while getting by its they stop the activities of gaming which is really a mistake on the part of the trainers rather it should be dealt in a different way that whenever the puppy bites the trainer then the puppy should not be responded according to the wishes of the puppy itself rather it should be responded according to the wishes of the trainer. The puppies should have noticed that if it bits then it will not get any reward while playing this game that trainer also manages the bites of the puppies in a wonderful and fruitful way.

Alternative Method.

This alternative plays a significant role in order to manage the bites of the puppies in this way the trainer and the lovers of the puppies should give some toys and these toys should be used as a biting toy from the puppy when the puppy bites these toys time and again then the time of its disturbance passes on wonderfully and it just gets this habit that it should not bite the fingers rather it should bit the toys in this way the trainer and the lovers managed the bites of the puppies.

Time Out Method

As already stated that the puppies usually bite only when they get the year of anything are when they get the disturbance so they bite in this way the matters of disturbance should be managed rather should be stopped. The disturbance will be minimized when the trainers and lovers will give time outs to the puppies in this way the time out session will not create any issue of disturbance so the puppies bites may be managed in superb way.

Offer Methods

Deepak please bite only when they become tired or when they become overtired in this way they should be given quiet space to have some type of naps when they will be given quite spaces and also when they will be offered a different types of breaks and when they will be offered different feed and when they will be offered different drinks then they will not bite.

Behavioral Reinforcement

The puppies should be rewarded for positive behaviors as this type of method the puppies usually give a wonderful reaction and when any type of negative reaction comes from the puppies then that negative reaction should be dealt with in a different way rather than some type of disturbance should be managed in a way that they will be compelled to produce positive behaviors and their positive behaviors will also manage their biting nature.

Trust Building Measures

For the purpose of discipline, all the trainers are agree to this point that the trainer should have trust building measures in his mind and that trust-building measures play a significant role in order to create discipline among the puppies. These trust-building measures start from psychological measures and reach toward physical measure also they start from different type of new and tasty foods and they reach towards different type of drinks and different type of juices for the puppies in this way that puppy builds a wonderful trust upon its trainer and then it follows the words of trainer in this way it can be disciplined so the question that how to discipline a puppy can easily be answered when the trainer becomes a master of trust building measures.

Same Coin Treatment of The Dog

It is the nature of every dog that dogs always give the reaction in the same coin as they have passed through the action so the principle of action always leads toward reactions can easily be applied on the psychology of puppies. If the trainer treats them harshly, if the trainer treats them in loud tones, if the trainer treats them with different type of vices then that trainer also faces the same type of reaction from the puppies so it is hereby recommended that the dogs should be treated politely with smiles and they should be disciplined with different type of games and playing activities in this way they can easily be disciplined and in this way this question how to discipline a puppy can easily be answered.

Puppy Socialization

Puppy socialization is a wonderful method that can be used by the trainers and the lovers of the puppies and the question of how to stop puppy biting can be tackled wonderfully by the lovers. Deepak we should be sent to different schools and the schools of special puppies should be utilised in order to stop the biting of the puppies when the puppy will go to attend different schools then the time of disturbance and the time of different types of Iraq some will be minimised in this way the puppies will also manage their nature of biting.

Zero Punishment

How to manage and how to stop puppy from biting this question can be tackled in a way that puppies only bite when they are exposed to any fear or when they feel any disturbance. During these times of disturbances they should be tackled in a way that they should not be given more punishment when the lover or when a trainer of the puppy gives its puppy more punishment then that puppy also reacts with more biting. The biting can be controlled when the trainer will not give any punishment rather will tackle it according to the methods which have been stated above.


How to stop puppies from biting has been discussed in a lengthy way and different methods have been utilised and they have been utilised very successfully so they have been described in a systematic way which will give maximum benefits and the puppies will be managed in a superb way. The biting of the puppies once managed then puppies impart pleasures merely.

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