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15000 Prize bond list 2021 online check – oct 01 2021 Karachi

15000 Prize bond list 2021 online check The Draw #87 for the prize bond, worth Rs 15000, Held in Karachi . complete list check online here. The first winner will get a prize of Rs 30,000,000 while three prizes of Rs 10,000,000 each have been reserved for the second position holders.

The third prize of Rs 18,5000/- will be awarded to each of the 1696 winners.

Prize bond 15000 list Karachi

Prize Bond worth Rs. Was drawn on January 04, 2021 in Quetta. In the draw result, 1 prize is Rs. 30 million, 3 prizes are Rs. 10 million and 1696 prizes are Rs. 185,000. You can see the full list of result/draw here. You can also find your prize bond number from our search feature – Prize Bond worth Rs. 15000 is drawn every three months – Prize Bond worth Rs. 15000.

Bond WorthCityDateSeriesFirst PrizeSecond PrizeThird Prize
Rs 15000 PKR Karachi 01-10-2021Common Draw30000000 PKR10000000 PKR185000 PKR

RS 15000 prize bond draw

First prize one Prize

Bond no. 378251

First Winner = 30,000,000

Second Winner = 10,000,000

Three prize


Third Prize = 18,5000

1696 for each winner

Prize bond list 15000

The winner of the prize bond announced, prize bond number 000000 won the amount of 30,000,000 PKR. The second prize winners are 000000, 000000, 000000 they all won Rs. 10,000,000, Third prize of was awarded to 1696 lucky winners.

The complete list of 1696 winners is published , you can also check

Check the draw results below :

3rd Prize Bond Numbers, Prize Amount 185000 PKR

3rd Prize Bond Numbers, Prize Amount 185000 PKR

Draw # 85, Rupees 15000 Prize Bond Results, Held in Karachi On 01-10-2021.

You can check the results of 15000 RS Prize bond on this page by 02 July 2021 evening. Also 15000 RS Prize bond list is published here on the site. You can also check the RS 15000 Schedule in Pakistan and RS 15000 Prize bond list on here.

The individuals should check the prize bond draw number of Rs.15000 prize bond results.

Draw number of Rs.15000 was overseen in Quetta on 04 July 2021. The individuals can likewise check full group rundown of Rs.15000 prize bond on the official site. You can likewise look through the prize bond 15000 and as indicated by the National Savings the first prize of the prize bond 15000 worth Rs.30,000,000 will be granted to the single victor while second prize of the prize bond 15000 worth Rs.10,000,000 will be granted to 3 lucky winners and the third prize of the prize bond 15000 will be given to 1696 members for Rs.18,5000/ – each.

Third Prize of Rs.185,000/- List

RS 15000 prize bond draw
RS 15000 prize bond draw

The 84 draw for the prize bond, worth Rs 15000, Held in Quetta On 02-07-2021. and you can also check old list here National Saving Banks

more details Check CLICK HERE:

Find the draw results below soon :


Sr.# Prize BondDraw#DateDayCity
1Rs. 1500085 04 January 2021MondayMuzaffarabad
2Rs. 7508515-Jan-21FridayHyderabad
3Rs. 7500851-Feb-21MondayLahore
4Rs. 15008515-Feb-21MondayQuetta
5Rs. 1003315-Feb-21MondayKarachi
6Rs. 40000 Premium 1610-Mar-21WednesdayRawalpindi
7Rs. 2008515-Mar-21MondayFaisalabad
8Rs. 15000861-Apr-21ThursdayHyderabad
9Rs. 7508615-Apr-21ThursdayQuetta
10Rs. 7500863-May-21MondayRawalpindi
11Rs. 15008617-May-21MondayKarachi
12Rs. 1003417-May-21MondayMultan
13Rs. 40000 Premium 1710-Jun-21ThursdayMuzaffarabad
14Rs. 2008615-Jun-21TuesdayPeshawar
15Rs. 15000872-Jul-21ThursdayQuetta
16Rs. 7508715-Jul-21ThursdayLahore
17Rs. 7500872-Aug-21MondayKarachi
18Rs. 15008716-Aug-21MondayMultan
19Rs. 1003516-Aug-21MondayFaisalabad
20Rs. 40000 Premium 1810-Sep-21FridayPeshawar
21Rs. 2008715-Sep-21WednesdayMuzaffarabad
22Rs. 15000881-Oct-21FridayKarachi
23Rs. 7508815-Oct-21FridayRawalpindi
24Rs. 7500881-Nov-21MondayMultan
25Rs. 15008815-Nov-21MondayFaisalabad
26Rs. 1003615-Nov-21MondayPeshawar
27Rs. 40000 Premium 1910-Dec-21FridayLahore
28Rs. 2008815-Dec-21WednesdayHyderabad

Note: In case of draw fall in public holiday the draw will be held on the next working day.

Prize bond list 15000 – 15000 prize bond list


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