ppsc.gop.pk result 2022 Candidates for the positions of Naib Tehsildar (BS-14) were recently tested by the Punjab Public Service Commission. Thousands of aspirants from around Punjab have taken the exam and are now waiting for the results and the merit list to be released. Candidates may use the written exam answer key to get a rough approximation of their score before the official result is released.

Naib Tehsildar (BS-14) result 2022 check online

Here, Naib Tehsildar (BS-14) written test result 2022 check online. This important mcqs, ppsc test preparation for written test.

Answer & Question

  1.  Who is the Caretaker Prime Minister of Afghanistan? Ans Mohammad Hasan Akhund
  2.  Which Country will host OIC meeting 2022? Pakistan
  3. Total Area of Pakistan is (Pakistan ka raqba kitna hai) ? 796,096 Square KM
  4. Contaminate policy of China related to which country?
  5. Redcliff award was given in which date and time? 17th August 1947 5:00 PM
  6. 3rd June plan is also known as ? The Mountbatten Plan
  7. Allama Iqbal Allahabad Address date? 29th December (Monday) 1930
  8. Who is known as the Poet of East ? Allama Iqbal 
  9. When was the Qiblah changed ? 2nd Hijri
  10. Which of the following is the longest Surah of the Holy Quran ? Surah Baqrah
  11. Which of the following is the Shortest Surah of Holy Quran? Surah e Kausar
  12. Name the first war of Islam? The Battle of Badr
  13. Moun boly son kis sorah m mentioned hain ? Surah Ahzab Ayat 37
  14. Haleema Sadia belong to which tribe ? Sa’d b. Bakr
  15. What is the Atomic Number of Hydrogen? 1
  16. Shortcut Key to Redo in MS Word? CTRL+Y
  17. Ms word short key for help ? F1
  18. Who is the current European Union Ambassador to Pakistan? Ans. Androulla Kaminara
  19. Stainless Steel is an ____? Alloy 
  20. Chelmsford movement Year ? 1919
  21. Govt of India act Year ? August 2, 1935
  22. Tomb of Anarkali is situated in which city? Lahore
  23. Civil Secteriat Lady Name included in resolution ? Begum Amjadi Bano
  24. By profession Fatima Jinnah was ? Dentist
  25. Muslims members participated in Shimla conference ? 35
  26. Who coined name Pakistan ? Chaudhary Rehmat Ali
  27. Reaction in Sun is known as ? Nuclear Fusion
  28. Gas used in Banaspati ghee ? Hydrogen
  29. Which one of the following is not a search engine ?
  30. (A) Google (B) Chrome (C) Yahoo (D) Bing
  31. F12 Key in MS Word is user for? To open the Save As Window 
  32. Who was the last Governor of East Pakistan? Lt. General Sahabzada Yaqub Khan
  33. In how many European Countries Euro is used? 19
  34. Who Invented Thermometer ? Galileo Galilei 
  35. AUKUS is ? Security Pact between Australia, United Kingdom and the United States
  36. CTRL+Shift+> shortcut key is used in MS Word to  ? Increases the font size of selected text by one point.
  37. Deaths due to Covid 19 till September 2021? 4.6 Million 
  38. Superscript Shortcut key is ? Ctrl, Shift, and the Plus sign (+) at the same time
  39. Washington DC is the which state of US ? None of these  (52 states)
  40. United Nations Security Council Meeting for Afghanistan was held on ? 16th August 2021
  41. First Mars Mission sent from which Arab Country ? United Arab Emirates UAE
  42. Eiffel Tower is situated in which Country? France 
  43. Mount Everest is situated in which Country? Nepal
  44. Which Surah of Holy Quran is about Orphans ? Surat Al-Nisa
  45. The Structural and Functional Unit of Environment is ? The ECO System
  46. Two cubes have volume ratio 1:8 , what is ratio of surface area ? 1:4
  47. First page of browser is known as ? Homepage
  48. Name the Gas which is used in Fire Extinguisher? Carbon Dioxide
  49. Spreadsheet Application example ? MS. Excel 
  50. CTRL+ Right Arrow is used to ? 
  51. (A) Moves the Cursor one word right (B) Moves the Cursor to the end of Line
  52. (C) Moves the cursor to the end of the document (D) Moves the cursor one paragraph down 
  53. Specific Information we put on top of MS. Word page is ? page number, date, and document name.
  54. In Excel data series is ? A row or column of numbers that are plotted in a chart 
  55. Option to save after every 10 minutes in MS word is known as ? Auto Save
  56. Reasons to use Macro in Microsoft Office ? Automate Frequently used tasks
  57. Which shortcut key is used to create chart in MS Excel ? F11
  58. Family safety settings in MS Edge is used to ? To block and view websites 
  59. The ____option is used to show a specific row or column on Every Printed page?  (A) Print Title (B) Page Layout
  60. (C) Print Preview (D) None of the Above.
  61. Word Count in MS word Counts what ? Pages, Paras, Lines and Words
  62. Noor Jahan tomb is situated in which Country? Shahdara Bagh, Lahore
  63. Kissing of Hajre E Aswad is known as ? Istelam
  64. Delta Covid 19 Virus first time appeared in India ? October 2020

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