Petrol Price in Pakistan – today petrol price in Pakistan

Petrol Price in Pakistan

Petrol Price in Pakistan today Government often changes goods prices structure when economy face inflation or deflation. Like that here we discuss about Petrol Prices.


These days petrol becomes need of every person without this anyone can’t use transport nor go anywhere. That’s why government sometimes increase petrol’s price while sometime decrease.

‘The government is extending maximum relief to the public. The latest one is considerable decrease in the price of Petroleum Products.

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Today petrol price in Pakistan

Petrol Price in Pakistan
  • Petrol price on April 30,2020

Government slashes Petrol Prices by Rs 15

Government reduces petrol prices by Rs 15 to provide relief to consumers. The government on 30 April 2020 announced that they would reduce the price of petrol by Rs 15 per liter. petrol price in Pakistan per litre

First the Petrol Price was about 96.58 per liter

But after provide the relief to consumer on 30 April its price get reduces to 81.58 per liter.

Government also reduced the high speed diesel (HSD), kerosene and price of light diesel oil (LDO).

Prices of high speed diesel (HSD) also will be available at the Rate of Rs80.10 after a reduction of Rs27.15 from Rs107.25 per liter.

The price of kerosene oil has been reduced to Rs47.44 from Rs74.45 and LDO price before relief announcement was Rs62.51 and its Rs47.51.

  • Petrol Price on May 1st

The new prices will come into effect from May 1st. It reduced by Rs20.68

Earlier on Wednesday, the Oil and Gas Regulatory authority (Ogra) had recommended up to 44.07 per liter reduction in the price of major petroleum products for the month of May to share the benefit of less international prices with consumers.

Ogra had worked out to decrease the petroleum products price by Rs20.68 per liter to Rs75.9 for petrol, which was early stood at Rs 96.58 per liter.

“The petrol price for May was just recommendation by Ogra.”

  • Petrol Price on June 1st 2020

The federal government has reduced the price of petrol by Rs7.06 per liter.

Now the government for month June more reduced the petroleum products prices by 7.06 per liter in line with the dip in global crude oil prices due to virus-fuelled lockdown.

The finance ministry issued the notification on Sunday; the price of Petrol has reduced from Rs81.58 to Rs74.52 per liter. The fuel is mainly used in cars and motorcycles.

Price of HSD: however, the government regulator has given small increased the price of High Speed Diesel (HSD) from Rs80.10 toRs80.15 per liter because it is mainly used in transport and agriculture sectors.

The increase in HSD has no major impact on inflation rate, which will directly benefit the public.

Price of kerosene oil: its price has been decreased from Rs47.44 toRs35.56 per liter. Kerosene has also not high impact on economy. It is used in houses or far-flung areas where LPG is not require. Pakistan petrol price today in rupees

Petrol prices sketch

  Products Price of May 1st,2020 Price of June 1st,2020 Change in price            
    High speed Diesel                 80.10            Pr/liter                                        80.15         Pr/liter                          0.05
             Petrol                  81.58         Pr/liter                 74.52         Pr/liter                            (7.06)
      Kerosene oil                 47.44         Pr/liter                  35.56             Pr/liter                       (11.88)
   Light speed Diesel                  47.51         Pr/liter                  38.14        Pr/liter                           (9.37)


  The new prices will come into effect from June 1, 2020.