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Pakistan Prime Minister Salary – Imran Khan

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan founded on 14 August 1947. The Pakistan’s Prime Minister Salary decided at that time and there’s not any change yet. The annual salary of the Prime Minister becomes 16 Lac. The monthly salary of the Prime Minister of Pakistan is PKR 107,280. However, all of 4 provinces Chief Ministers get more monthly salary than the Prime Minister.

Pakistan Prime Minister Salary

The Prime Minister receives his monthly salary and the other expenses are separate. The expenses of the Prime Minster house and office are separated from the monthly payment. The Pakistan Prime Minister receives more allowances with his monthly payment are office equipment allowances, official residence, railway saloons, official cars, leaves, provident fund, and free medical facilities. These all are additional allowances that are given to the Prime Minister with his monthly payment.

Gross salary per month

The Prime Minister receives basic salary of PKR 107,280 per month and also gets PKR 50,000 of sumptuary allowance, PKR 21,456 ad hoc relief allowance, PKR 12,110 ad hoc allowance according to the 2011 act and PKR 10,728 ad hoc relief. By these additional allowances, the total sums up become a gross payment of PKR 201,574 per month. After some reductions of tax and other deductions, the monthly gross pay becomes PKR 196,979.

salary pay slip

PM Imran Khan

The Recent Prime of Pakistan Imran Khan said, the Prime Minister should control his official house, car, and other expenses that will help the government to stable the economy. During an official meeting with business leaders, he said that he had controlled his official expenses to maintain the government revenue. He had cut down 40% expenses on Prime Minister’s House that greatly impacted to his life standard. Khan said, he lives in his personal house and monthly salary is just not enough to complete the household expenses.

Pakistan’s others Minister Salary;

On the other hand, the Federal Minister of Pakistan gets more monthly payment than the Prime Minister. According to the old Tweet of Fawad Chaudhry, the Cabinet Minister monthly payment is PKR 3, 45,000. This monthly payment becomes PKR 2, 55, 000 after the PKR 90,000 deduction in house rent.

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