The Finance Ministry for federals has proposed a new summary to the Federal Cabinet in which the ministry gives a special allowance of 15% incrementin the armed force officers and young employee’s basic salaries.

The finance ministry also proposed a 10% increment in the basic salaries in the 2021-22 budgets. So, the total increment in the armed force employees (officers and youth) will become 25%.

And the Finance Ministry will require PKR Rs 38 billion to give a 15% special allowance.

For the special allowance, the finance ministry has taken the final approval from the Prime Minister Imran Khan. And the premier directed this special allowance to handle the problems with the Cabinet.

Pakistan Armed Force Basic Salaries increment 2021:

The Ministry of Finance for Federal sector has given a summary to the Federal Cabinet to increase armed force officers and youth basic salaries with 15% special allowance. According to the sources, due to the delay in the submission of Pay and Pensions Commission report on the federal employee’s basic salaries increment, civil employees were granted 10% increment in basic salary with a 25% increment in form of special allowance constituting a general increment by 35%.

Now as per demand of Pay and Pension Commission, the salary increment summary has been given to the Finance Cabinet to providing 10% increment in basic pay according to the 2021-22 budgets as per 15% special allowance to the Pakistan armed force. If the finance cabinet will approve this summary that provides by the Pay and Pension Commission, the total pay of the Pakistan army employees will become 25%. And the finance government will require Rs 38 billion to give the 15% special allowance.

Sources described that the “15% special allowance in the basic salaries of army employees is due to no increment in their salaries for the last two years”.

The civil employee’s salaries have already been increased by 25% special allowance from the federal government official notice. The finance ministry said that the inflation will remain same in Pakistan for all civil and army employees. That’s why 15% special salary allowance must be provided to all Pakistani civil and army employees.

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