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PMA Long course initial test preparation online Past papers solved in pdf

Candidates may ask what is verbal intelligence Test ? What kinds of questions asked in Intelligence Test ? Verbal Test is a way to measures the ability to analyses, use, and understand language. Here on this page, are some example of that test and practice papers to solve Verbal mcqs Pak army test preparation.


Here students can also practice online for Intelligence Test. Intelligence Test is most important part of PMA Long Course Initial Test.

PMA Verbal Test contains 85-90 MCQs to solve within 35 minutes. To clear Intelligence Test students have to practice these online tests.

Test name  Test typeTotal MCQsTime Required
Verbal TestText9635
Non VerbalImage9240
AcademicsStudy Topics e.g  Islamiat, Pak. Studies etc5040

Verbal Text test Examples:

To give a better understanding of verbal Text test . In here, I am sharing an example of the Verbal mcqs. It is not mandatory that the very same example will be given in the Army Initial Test:

Camera is to photographer as _____ Is to the soldier

A. Lens
B. Enemy
C. Photo
D. Gun

The correct Option is D ( Gun)

The correct option is Gun because camera is something very essential for photographer, So same is the case with the relationship of Gun and Soldier. Gun is an essential for the Soldier. Its all about the common sense and general knowledge. If you have a grip on these two then the question like this is a piece of  Cake.

Next Example:

Complete the series

  • 6, 5, 12, 10, 18, 15, 24, _____

The correct answer is : 30

Now if you look at the question , You can see the table of 6 & 5 in the pattern. So the answer will be

6, 5, 12, 10, 18, 15, 24, 20, 24, 30


To Join Pakistan Navy After Matric Verbal Test also important. Candidates who want to join Pakistan Navy in Any field can prepare these Intelligence Test.


Its also helpful for PAF Initial Test for PAF GDP Course, PAF AD Course, PAF CAE Course. To Join PAF After Matric joining procedure is also same and it will be helpful for All PAF Initial Test.

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Here are Intelligence Tests

  • 1st Intelligence Test:-
  • 2nd Intelligence Test:- 
  • 3rd Verbal Test:-

issb interview questions

Here are different types of Questions in issb interview. interviews your background and personal information is taken, apart from this, general knowledge and current affairs are frequently asked in the ISSB Interviews. ISSB Interview Questions are analyzed on the basis of:

10% of what you say
20% of the tone of voice
70% of body image
ISSB Interview Questions

Some of the major categories are given below and samples of questions are also given for your better ISSB Preparation:

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