Paf Test Preparation Online 2024 [Intelligence] pdf book download

PAF requires a test for each candidate who wants to join Pakistan Air Force to serve the country. PAF has become one of the best forces in the whole world due to encouraged and passionate air force officers and soldiers. In Pakistan, there are many candidates who want to join Pakistan Air Force to serve for country and fulfill their dreams but are disappointed. Many of candidates face this disappointment because they do not pass the Initial Test of Intelligence, English, Physics, and Mathematics. To pass this PAF Initial Test, candidates first must do some preparation. So, here we provide PAF Test Preparation details, which will help the candidates to pass the Initial Test.

PAF Test Preparation mcqs

PAF requires online MCQs test for interested candidates for all subjects to check their intelligence. Here we provide PAF MCQs Test Preparation details for all subjects, which includes in the Pakistan Air Force Initial Test to check candidates’ intellectual ability. Pak Air Force Test Preparation provides brief detail for all subjects, which will definitely help the candidate to pass and manage the test time very well.

PAF initial test syllabus/pattern

PAF Initial Test consists of MCQs test for aero trade & airman, which require passing to join Pakistan Air Force sector. pak air force Airmen’s initial Test (Intelligence & Academic) consists of four different subjects described as follows:

  • Intelligence Test
  • paf test English
  • Physics MCQs Test
  • Math’s MCQs Test
  • Personality Test

intelligence test for paf

The Intelligence Test is essential to check the candidate’s intellectual ability to join Pakistan Air Force. In this test, PAF asks for some intellectual statements about history, geography, politics, media, and other intelligent things to check the candidate’s mental condition.

paf test English

PAF requires an English Test to check the candidate’s communication performance. In English Test Preparation, candidates must improve their grammar to qualify for this initial test. PAF asks some common vocabulary questions in MCQs. English tests require verbs, nouns, punctuation, active voice, passive voice, and other grammar things. So, in this test candidates should improve their grammar.

PAF physics test preparation

paf test preparation 2024. Physics subject is one of the essential tests, which candidates must prepare in very well aspect to pass the initial test. Without preparing for the physics subject test, you can not get the best marks to qualify for Pakistan Air Force. Physics Test requires common nature statements such as gravity, Newton’s laws, and other things.

math test

In Math Test, PAF asks for common calculating MCQs statements to check a candidate’s ability. Math is one of the thoughtful subjects, which requires more preparation to qualify for the Pakistan Air Force Sector. In math MCQs statements, PAF asks general calculating questions such as add and subtract with multiple requirements.

PAF Intelligence Test Book pdf Free Download

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“Pakistan Air Force Personality Test”

In the Pakistan Air Force, the personality test includes in “PRS”/intelligence test. In personality tests, PAF asks religious, emotional, and mental questions. Like they ask “you are anger more or less anger person.” PAF takes a personality test to check a candidate’s mental condition. They check that candidates will tactfully handle each situation or frustrate them. PAF also asks about the c

andidate’s behavior with his/her relatives. So, we can say that in Pakistan Air Force, the personality test describes a candidate’s behavior, attitude, and self-power with other persons. The personality test also explains the candidate’s basic desires, mental conflict, and dignity to handle critical situations. Firstly PAF took a personality test in the last section. Now, this test has been included in the PRS test.

Past Paper Test Preparation


  1. You are required to reach the election center at least 30 mins prior to commencement of the tent. It is mandatory to bring this
    provisional registration slip along with the following documents on testing day.
  2. Original Computerized NIC/Form B of self and attested photocopy of father’s CNIC.
  3. All Original Education certificates/Degrees (including Detailed Marks Sheets Sands and Transcripts).
  4. Equivalence Certificates along with Transcripts for A and O-Level Candidates.
  5. 02 Fresh Passport size photographs
    Candidates applying on rural/Baluchistan quota are to bring Domicile / Local Certificate
  6. Calculators, mobile phones, laptops/bags, cameras, wristwatches, and fancy ballpoint are not allowed within the selection center premises.

Selection Process:

  • Academic Test (English / Maths / Physics)
  • Intelligence Test / result
  • Medical Test
  • Belief Rationalization Test
  • Interview
  • Final Merit List

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