Online Quran Teaching Jobs in USA UK 2021

Online Quran Teaching Jobs in USA UK 2021

Many international countries require online Quran teaching facility from Islamic countries for their kids to learn Islamic values. In USA and UK, many parents want to educate their children from Islamic values. In such countries, there are no Islamic studies that will help the Muslim parents to learn their children about Quran with Tajweed and Tarjamah. That’s why they hire online teachers to teach Quran with Tajweed and Tarjamah.

This is a best opportunity for the Muslim teachers to teach international kids and earns in ponds or dollars. Recently online Quran Teaching jobs 2021 in USA and UK has posted. Here we provide a complete description of online Quran teaching jobs in such countries for the interested teachers.

Online Quran Teaching Jobs 2021 in USA and UK

UK and USA countries are now hiring online teachers to teach Quran to their children with Tajweed. These countries are hiring both Male and Female tutors who can speak fluent English and have well proficient in teaching Quran online. Tutors must have excellent skills to teaching first learning Qaidah Books with Tajweed rules to make the kids base.

Online Quran Tutor’s Skills and Requirements:

Here we provide some basic skills that UK and USA countries require for the online Quran tutor. These skills and requirements knowledge will help the tutors in applying such job.

  • Tutor must be able to speak fluent English and have proficiency to teach Quran online
  • Must be able to teach Qaidah books to make kids base
  • Tutor must have knowledge of Tajweed rules and can explain English language
  • Must have full confident to teach Quran online with Tajweed to Muslim children and sisters
  • Must have full setup to held online class with complete teaching environment
  • Tutors should have 1 year of online Quran teaching experience through Zoom or Skype apps
  • Qualified tutors will prefer who have the degree in Islamic Studies and also know to teach Quran with Tajweed

The most essential requirement is the time flexibility to teach children and sisters according to UK and USA times.

Online Quran Teaching Hours & Availability:

The main essential thing to know for the tutors before applying is the time flexibility. Firstly the teachers must have to check the timings are they would be available at the UK and USA requires timings then they should apply.

In UK, tutor must be available to teach Quran online from 4pm to 8pm as per UK time. United Kingdom parents require that the teacher at least available from Monday to Friday but you can choose Weekend days for teaching.

The interested tutors who are feasible with such mentioned criteria can online apply for this job.

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