Urgent Online Quran Teaching Jobs in Canada 2024 home

Many international countries require online Quran teaching facility from Islamic countries like Pakistan or Arab Countries for their kids to learn Islamic values. In Canada, many parents want to educate their children from Islamic values because there are no Islamic studies that will help the Muslim parents to learn their children about Quran with Tajweed and Tarjamah. That’s why they hire online teachers to teach Quran with Tajweed and make children base with basic Qaidah.

Urgent Online Quran Teaching Jobs in Canada 2024 at home

This is a best opportunity for the Muslim teachers to teach international kids and earns in ponds. Recently online Quran Teaching jobs 2024 in Canada have posted. Here we provide a complete description of online Quran teaching jobs in Canada for the interested teachers.

Canada has posted online jobs 2024 for the Quran tutors in its academies or directs to the children home to teach Muslim children. A Canadian academy Mac Islamic School Muslim Association of Canada has posted job vacancies for the online Quran teachers, 2024. The last date is still not mentioned. So, the interested candidates can apply at this job. This Canadian academy offers online tutors to teach Quran to the Muslim children with Tajweed and basic knowledge of Qaidah books.

Moreover, many other Canadian Islamic academies have offered online Quran tutor jobs 2024. Some parents directly hire Quran teacher for their children in Canada.

Duties and Responsibilities of Online Quran Tutoring Jobs 2024 in Canada:

  • To teach online Quran in Canada, tutor must have to prepare his/her lesson
  • Should maintain a kind discipline, appropriate standards of behavior, and mutual respect
  • Tutor must be able to teach students how to learn and memorize the lesson
  • Must teach with Tajweed
  • Regularly inform the children’s parent and guardians about student progress

Eligibility Criteria of Online Quran Tutor in Canada:

Here we provide eligibility criteria of such job in Canada that will help the tutors in applying according to qualification and experience.

  • Tutor must have 1 to 2 years of experience in online teaching Quran
  • Must be able to teach with complete Tajweed
  • Tutor should have a degree in Arabic and Islamic Studies from recognized institute
  • Must speak fluent English, reliable, and highly dedicated
  • Must have computer knowledge to teach online class

In Canada, online Quran tutors salary depends on their experience and qualification. So, the interested teachers who want to teach Canadian children must apply online at the job vacancies.

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  1. Aoa dear sisters and brothers!
    Must share to all Muslims jazakallah plz
    I completed the Holy Quran at the age of 20 and now I am 32. Alhamdulillah I used to offer taraveeh in every Ramadan. I got 1st position both in hifz e quran and tajveed Alhamdulillah. Allah has gifted me with the skills of beautiful recitation. I am ready to offer my services in this regard.

  2. Aoa and hello everyone..Ambreen bhatti here…i can teach my Holly Qiran and deal students with care and full attention with islalmic and modren methodology…

  3. I am online Quran teacher.I am hafeze Quran with proper tajweed and Arabic grammar. I have 5 years experience.I want to teach students

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  5. Asslam o Alaikum I’m female quran teacher. Ihave 4 years experience in online quran teaching. I can teach tajweed and rules in English and urdu languages

  6. Assalaam-u-Alaikum
    I am Online Quran Teacher
    I have 6,7 year’s Online Quran teaching experience. I can teach friendly must be happy my student’s..
    If you want just join 3 day’s free trial class

  7. Asalamualaikum . I am Arabic teacher and quran teacher I am 10 year experience . Because I am ma pass. Plz I need it Online job . Quran teaching job at home .

  8. I am afia and i will teach quran and tajweed without taking any fee. I will provide my islamic knowledge to all of students without taking any fee because Quran pak does not depend on fee .

  9. AOA.i m a teacher .I did masters in Urdu and Islamic studies.if anyone wants to learn Urdu and quran plz contact me.i have a 8years teaching experience.i can speak English and Urdu .I provide my services online.

  10. I’m an online Quran teacher.Teacher Faizan Attari I teach Quran with tajweed. If anyone interested then contact me.

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  13. Good information .
    I am aalim and mufti from Pakistan , I have 4 years experience in teaching . I also teach tarjuma , tafseer , Arabic Grammer etc
    Tell me where I apply and where I search the students

  14. Assalm walikum .
    I’m Rafiullah from pakistan . I have more then 7 years experience in teaching quran with proper tajweed.I can help in Translation , Arabic language .in learning Hadees etc.
    So tell me How i become online teacher? And where i apply to find students?


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