New Currency Note’s Notification for Eid ul Fitr 2022

New Currency Note’s Notification for Eid ul Fitr 2021

On this Eid ul Fitr, new currency notes will be available for Pakistanis from State Bank of Pakistan. This notification has issued by the Currency Management Department of the State Bank of Pakistan. They have announced that on the occasion of Eid ul Fitr 2022.

New Currency Note’s Notification for Eid ul Fitr 2022

Fresh Currency Note’s for Eid ul Fitr

The Director of General Banking has decided to “ the issuance fresh new copies of notes” on this occasion of Eid 2022.

The Committee of Bank that was chaired by Director of General Banking has decided “to issue fresh copies of notes” for general public and also for SBP’s employees / ex-employees and its subsidiaries on this blessed occasion of Eid ul Fitr 2022.

new currency notes by sending sms to 8877 State Bank of Pakistan

State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) issued new currency notes for every year on the Eid occasion. A notification of SMS alert service by State Bank of Pakistan activated for many private and government banks such as UBL, ABL, HBL, NBP, BOP, MCB, and others. People delighted to get new currency notes to give family, friends, and children as Eidi. Ramadan is our holy month and all Muslims fasting with the wait of Eid ul Fitr. For this blessed event, every Muslim wants to get new fresh currency to give as Eidi.  That’s why State Bank of Pakistan issued new notes for this blessed event.

To get fresh notes, you must have to apply first and reserve your new currency by sending a SMS on 8877 before going to the bank. If you will directly go to a bank to demanding fresh copies they will reject you to provide new currency as Eidi notes.

So, you must follow our instructions to get new currency notes for Eid.

How to Get New Currency Notes for Eid 2022:

It’s easy to get but it needs some official procedure to know about “How to get new currency notes for Eid”. You just have to follow this procedure before going to a bank and demanding for fresh notes as Eidi. The method to get new fresh copies of notes is as follows:

  • In mobile SMS, first you have to write your correct CNIC number with branch code
  • Send the SMS to get fresh copies of notes on 8877
  • The charges of SMS depends on applicant’s network company
  • After sending this SMS, the applicants receive a bank’s branch address and date to come to get your new fresh currency
  • Applicants must bring their mobile phones to show SMS and original ID card on which they applied to claim for the fresh notes

Details for New Currency Notes:

Here we provide limit of packs for fresh notes, which you can not exceed in any situation.

  • 1 Pack of 20 Rupees
  • 1 Pack of 50 Rupees
  • 1 Pack of 100 Rupees
  • 2 Packs of 10 Rupees

Contact Numbers for More Updates:

These contact numbers help you to get more information about fresh notes

  • Punjab Number: 042111008877
  • Sindh Number: 021111008877
  • Contact Number for KPK, Islamabad, Azad Kashmir or Gilgit Baltistan: 051111008877

The most essential thing is to remember that State Bank official website is updated branch code for public convenience. Other thing to remember is that you can apply one time on one ID card number and the limit of packs can not be increased.