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Medical Assistant Salary California [2022] per hour (Average)

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In the Golden State, there may not to be a best time for medical assistants to pursue their career. California States, the healthcare is the largest sectors for providing the jobs and collecting a big revenue. In California, the demand for medical assistants is rapidly increasing day by day. Year 2019, the Future Healthcare Workforce Commission of California announced a “grave shortage”. This grave shortage provided the opportunities for the interested people to start their career as a medical assistant in the top level clinics to entry level.

How to Become a Medical Assistant in California?

To become a medical assistant in California, the candidates first complete their diploma in medical assisting, get a certificate, or to complete another associate degree in medical assisting. After completing the diploma or associate degree in medical assisting, you will be included in 97,700 medical assistants. By the last year, this counting of medical assistants has been increased to 103,100. According to the California Employment Development Department, this increment is increased by a 5.5% in just a few years due to high demand of qualified medical assistants.

Medical Assistant Salary in California:

The medical assistant salary in California describes by three ranges such as average, median, and highest. The average salary of medical assistants in California is $37,622 (25%), median $40,813 (50%), and the highest $44,066 (75%).

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average hourly wage of medical assistants in California is $18.10 or annually $37,640. The most experienced medical assistants receive highest salaries in California, which is $23.43 per hour or $59,130 annually.

Medical Assistant’s Average Hourly Salary in California’s Metro Areas;

Los Angeles seems like a number one medical assistant’s hospital, but the San Francisco has become a top rated in the medical assisting profession. In San Francisco, the medical assisting hospitals earn top 10% an average, hourly wage of $31.98.

The California biggest metro area’s hourly wage range describes as follows:

  • Bakersfield earns $15.20 to $20.65 hourly wages by 2,130 medical assistants
  • Fresno earns $16.33 to $22.52 by 3,320 medical assistants
  • Los Angeles earns $17.43 to $26.63 by 32,040 medical assistants
  • San Diego collects $18.58 to $25.36 by 8,130 medical assistants
  • San Francisco collects $23.26 to $31.98 through 12,320 medical assistants

Medical Assistant’s Average Salary in California’s Metro Areas;

The average annual salaries for the medical assistants in California’s metro areas are:

  • Bakersfield earns $31,610 to $42,940 average annual salary
  • Fresno earns $33,960 to $46,840 average annual salary
  • Los Angeles earns $36,260 to $55,400
  • San Diego collects $38,640 to $52,750
  • San Francisco collects $48,370 to $66,510 average annual salary

This medical assistant’s salary and employment data is recorded by the United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). This BLS data describes the medical assistant’s average and median earnings in California on the base of worker’s education and experience.

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