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Jolta Electric bike price in Pakistan 2023 | 70cc motorcycle

By the use of the electric bike, a rider can save his price on fuel up to Rs 4,000 every month. The Jolta Electric bike is comparable to 70cc motorcycles, claims by company official notice but the rider will have to choose between speeds. A 70cc motorbike such as Honda can ride 90 km in one hour and the Jolta Electric bike will complete 60 km in one hour. charging bike 70 price in pakistan latest 2023.

Jolta Electric bike price in Pakistan 2023

The launch of e-bike is Pakistan’s government five year Electric Vehicles Policy 2020 till 2025. This electric vehicles policy was introduced and approved in last year. The most interesting features of the e-vehicles policy are phase transition for the automotive industry as it will cover 2 and 3 wheeled vehicles and heavy commercial vehicles, that providing incentives or bonuses for manufacturers.

Pakistan’s E-bike Launched:

Pakistan’s first Electric Bike was introduced by Prime Minister Imran Khan in Islamabad. It’s a great initiative for public to save up to Rs 4,000 on fuel per month. In the launching ceremony, Imran Khan said that the Pakistan’s government has aim to provide an eco friendly environment to protect its future generations from the negative impact of climate change and also from global warming.

Prime Minister said that launching the E-bikes in Pakistan were most essential because they would help to reduce environmental pollution and make the country clean.

He also said that “Our government will also provide more long term policies such as e-cars to protect the environment to complete the green Pakistan vision and create a livable place for the new generation”.

The Electric Bike that produced by Pakistani Jolta Electric, is a major step towards the electrification of the auto industry of the country. The Jolta Electric Bike is available in market in much form of models such as JE-70, JE-70 L, JE-70 D, JE-100 L, JE-125 L, JE-Scooty, and JE-Sports Bike.

Electric Bikes Features:

These all are the energy efficient models that can be charged to the whole night with some other features like no clutch and no gear and low maintenance. The e-bike manufacturer claimed that e-bike will charge in one unit of electricity that provide by K-electric Company. A one unit of electricity costs in Pakistan is between Rs 17 and Rs 25. It means that a rider will cover a mileage distance of 80 to 100 km in just of Rs 25.

National Sales Head Muhammad Suhail Khan said that Jolta Electric Vehicles price is Rs 82,500 that seems like a 70cc motorbike. The JE-Scooty price is Rs 105,000. He also said that the government will soon launch a new e-bike as comparable to 125cc.

PM said that the e-bike batteries will sale with three months of warranty and two years of average life to ride. The e-vehicles battery can be replaced by Rs 20,000 at a current price. The manufacturing of the e-bike company is 6,000 bikes at this time and this will expand to 10,000 units in the next couple of months.

So, in the launching ceremony, Imran Khan also said that an e-vehicle is an eco friendly that will not produce noise pollution in the environment. It will also help the people to save money on fuel.

About Jolta Company:

“As a premium brand, JOLTA Electric designs its Electric Conversation Kits with the sort of quality and integrity that inspires an exceptional riding experience. Beyond that, we tried to use that motorcycle whose parts are ready availabe nation wide so our customers can feel and ride with passion, freedom and no hassle.”

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q.1. What is the price of electric bikes in Pakistan?

Ans. The price of the Electric bikes mentions in above the content because of just only the Jolta company manufacturer this bike. The average of this bike is outstanding as compared to other bikes.

Q.2. How fast does a 48v 1000W electric bike go?

Ans. People are seeking the top speed of this bike. So the top speed of this bike is 60 Km/H.

Q.3. What type of motors are manufactured by Jolta Electric?

Ans. Jolta company is using technology electric motor who give the extra mileage to the bike and people can enjoy traveling.

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