9 November Iqbal Day – Allama Iqbal national poet


 9 November, a memorable day, of Pakistan’s history. Any Pakistani can’t forget this day. Iqbal is regarded as the Shair-e-Mashriq. He is also called Mufakkir-e-Pakistan and Hakeem-ul-Ummat. The Pakistan government officially named him a “national poet”

9 November Iqbal Day

Allama Iqbal is our national hero, every little children knows about him personality. He has not need of any introduction. Iqbal day celebrates because it’s the birthday of Muhammad Iqbal. Every year, we celebrate Iqbal day on 9 November in Pakistan because he deserves this dignity. Pakistan’s government announced a holiday on Iqbal day to enjoying with fun. Allama Iqbal had served for the country to acquire a separate homeland for Pakistanis freedom. He was a brave personality and does not any fear of enemies.

Iqbal is a hero for every single Pakistani and we love with him. That’s why in the honor of his sacrifices, we celebrate this day with full of spirit and give a tribute to him because he deserved. 9 November is such a big and memorable day for our nation. Iqbal was a philosopher, thinker, and poet. He lives in our hearts by his encouraging and motivating poetry. His poetry is full of inspiration for youngster. British also inspires with his unique and magical poetic words. The Iqbal’s most famous poetry books are; Bang-i-Dara, Asrar-e-Khudi, Payam-e-Mashriq, Zarbe-e-Kalim, and Armughan-e-Hijaz. These are the most famous poetry books of Iqbal and full of inspirations for our young generation.

Allama Iqbal such a great personality and deserves a lot of dignity that’s why we celebrate Iqbal day to thank to him for his sacrifices. Iqbal did not care of his life and struggle at the end of life for the separate homeland for the Muslims. Iqbal died before seeing the creation of separate homeland for Muslims but his sacrifices came into realty. He turned the dream of separate homeland in a reality and now we live as a free people in our country. Now, we have not any fear of British people and live with full of freedom in our country. We live in Pakistan as a free flying bird in the sky.

Iqbal died on April 21st, 1938 in Lahore but still he lives in Pakistanis heart. The Pakistan’s government announces a national holiday on this Iqbal day to keep remember in our lives. Every Pakistani even a child knows about his history with brief description. Youngsters learn many motivational things from his inspiring poetry. So, we say that Iqbal was such a brave, ideal, and inspiring personality

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Iqbal Day

Iqbal Day