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Interview Preparation Tips for jobs. Each interview has its own problems, and MES job interviews often contain the same set of questions. When preparing for government and private jobs interview, candidates should make sure that they address these questions at a minimum. many government and private jobs have tough interviews. But by practicing before the interview, it becomes easy for them and can be clear with full of confidence. Before going job interview, the candidate should prepare him/herself to deal with interview questions tactfully.

To prepare for jobs interview question, the best way is to write your all answers on paper that the interviewer would ask him/her. After writing these self-answers, the candidate should practice with someone.

This practice will helpful for candidates to appear in job interviews. Preparation helps you to become confident, strong, efficient, and reduce fear. Here we provide basic question criteria, which help the candidates for government and private job interview. These questions are not only applicable for one department jobs but also for other government jobs. Our website helps the candidates who will appear in any government or other private job interview because, before any interview, preparation is essential to achieve success.

To help the candidates to appear in interviews without any fear, we provide some questions that the interviewer can ask in government or other government job interviews. These questions are as follows:

First Impressions

Most people make an initial opinion of a stranger within the first five minutes of meeting them. According to research employers’ impressions are made up of the following:

  • Body Language and image (60%)
  • Tone of voice (25%)
  • What you say (15%)

Describe about yourself ?

اپنے بارے میں بیان کریں؟

Candidate should answer this question properly without any hesitation that what interviewer has meant. Your answer should be best that will describe your confident and talent. You will explain your qualification, experience, and skills that best reply of this question.

  • Introduction
  • Qualification Related Questions, Largely regarding subjects in graduation and Masters, Particularly about the Major subject in one’s final degree.
  • Job Nature and Department Related Questions.
  • Opinion and Information on Contemporary Issues.
  • General Knowledge-based Quiz Type Questions mostly from Pakistan Studies and Islamic Studies.

What do you see from this job designation/ what is the most important thing for your new job?

اس نوکری سے آپ کیا دیکھتے ہیں / آپ کی نئی نوکری کے لئے سب سے اہم چیز کیا ہے؟

You must say that I am here to learn new things, avail opportunities that best for company, and improve competencies. Your answer should be best that inspire the interviewer. About important thing, you will say, “I think that I’m good for this designation because have soft skills and flexible to handle difficulties.”

Why are you interested in this job and start to work here?

آپ ایس ملازمت میں کیوں دلچسپی رکھتے ہیں اور یہاں کام کرنا شروع کرتے ہیں؟

In this question you would expose your interest about government department. You will say that “I am interest in due to its environment, project management, age criteria, size of company, and construction interest.” These are all thing that inspire me to apply here.

What you think about your skills for this job?

آپ اس کام کے لیے اپنی صلاحیتوں کے بارے میں کیا سوچتے ہیں؟

You would explain about your skills and experience that express your abilities for this designation. Government offer jobs booth for fresh and experienced candidates. So, if you are fresh describe your best designation related skills that helps to hire in company. Like; you will say that “I am good listener, know about technology, figure making, develop best strategy for company to achieve success, and best verbal skills.”

What is your biggest weakness, which create difficulty in job?

آپ کی سب سے بڑی کمزوری کیا ہے ، جو نوکری میں دشواری پیدا کرتی ہے؟

Interviewer must ask this question because every person has some weaknesses. If you will say that I have not any weakness and perfect person that it will create suspicious situation. Interviewer thinks that you are not truth full so, not to best for their company. That’s why candidate must say truth about your weakness.

How strong are you and handle the difficult situation?

آپ کتنے مضبوط ہیں اور مشکل صورتحال کو نبھا رہے ہیں؟

Candidate strength is best for company to achieve success and create healthy environment. You must describe your strength that “I am creative, soft spoken, handle complications, and detail oriented.” This answer will really helpful to get job in government sector.

How you expect for salary package for applied designation?

درخواست شدہ عہدہ کے لئے آپ تنخواہ پیکیج کی توقع کیسے کرتے ہیں؟

This is the most essential question that every company asks from candidate. You should tell expected salary that expects from this designation. Candidate must describe full strategy of salary that how much he/she has basic expense like; transport to come on job, family support, and personal expense. This explanation leaves good impact on interviewer who thinks that candidate is best in decision and strategy making policy.

Do you think that you are best for this designation and company to build success?

When interviewer asks this question he checks candidate confidence and vision for this job. He checks that how much candidate is worth full for company. So, you have to say that “I have great skills for this designation and give my best performance with convincing ability.”

Are you experienced or fresh/ if experienced then why you did leave your last job?

This is very tact full question that an interviewer asks in any government job. The candidate should answer this question with full of confidence that “I was looking for new opportunities for growth, but the promotion in this position was stagnant. I am delighted that this position at your agency provides an opportunity for learning and to prove yourself.”

Interview Preparation Tips for jobs

Candidates should always avoid negative answers that leave a bad impression on the interviewer, which loss a chance to get job there. We provide you these questions with best answers that help you to prepare for government or other government jobs interview.