Insaf Imdad Program Punjab – 8070 How to registration for Insaf Imdad

Insaf Imdad Program Punjab – 8070 How to registration / apply for Insaf Imdad Program

Chief Minister Punjab Usman Buzdar has announced Insaf Imdad Program Punjab 2020 . It’s should locate bad and needy humans and assist them via this new application . Government need to announced this Poor people assist program that who can’t reach any life guide carrier in nowadays lock-down situation.

In this carrier Rich and Donor people additionally donate cash with this on-line carrier and needy people additionally use on-line registration provider to get meals at home

‏وزیراعلیٰ پنجاب نے انصاف امداد پروگرام کا آغاز کردیا ہے، وزیراعلیٰ نے مستحق افراد میں 12،12 ہزار روپے تقسیم کی

The Insaf Imdad package, the government of Punjab will distribute Rs. 12,000 each month among daily wage workers and people from lower socio-economic class in Punjab during the lockdown. The Punjab government will provide the said relief package to more than 2.5 million marginalized residents of the province. Previously, the people Punjab were to receive 4000 PKR which has been changed to 12000 PKR by the Prime Minister on the request of the Chief Minister of Punjab

In addition, you can also apply for the Emergency Emergency Cash Program which pays Rs 12000

Insaf Imdad Program 2020 Govt of Punjab How to Apply Online Full information Insaf Imdad Form | Insaf Imdad App. CM Punjab Insaf Imdad Program 2020 Apply Online Form has been announced by the Government of Punjab.

Under the Chief Minister Punjab Insaf Imdad Package, 2.5 million poor and deserving families will receive the financial grant worth a cumulative Rs 10 billion.

Each deserving family will receive Rs 12,000 per month at home through Mobile Companies.

Addressing a press conference in Lahore on Tuesday, Chief Minister Sardar Usman Ahmed Khan Bazdar said that the Punjab government has allocated Rs 10 billion for financial assistance of 2.5 million needy families in the province.

The Chief Minister said that financial assistance would be provided through the SMS service and the beneficiaries can withdraw the money by showing their identity card.

The Punjab Government has approved a Rs 10 billion Chief Minister’s Punjab Justice Aid Package. Asset Support Form
Rs. 12000 will be given to 250,000 metering families. He said that the money related award under this bundle would be in spite of the bribe given by the national government to the daily wage workers.

Applications will be received online and upon verification, the money will be transferred online while complaints will also be received online. Relevant officials have been instructed to simplify the application form, collecting only the necessary information such as applicants’ names, CNICs and mobile phone numbers.

Insaf Imdad Program 2020

  • A total budget of Rs 10 billion has been allocated.
  • 5 million families will receive this relief package from the government.
  • Rs. 4000 will be paid monthly to the registered for the next four months.

How to registration in Insaf Imdad Program 2020

There are three ways to apply for CM Punjab Insaf Imdad Package apply online

  • Application via SMS
  • Application via Website
  • Application via Android App

1st STEP

Write “Imdad” space “CNIC Number” space “your name” and send it to 8070 . Your application for Insaf Imdad has been submitted successfully.
SMS Sample for Insaf Imdad Application
Imdad —- 61101234556789 — 03001234567 — Muhammad Ali

2nd STEP

Go to website and fill your application form. First of all write your personal information i.e. Name, ID card no and mobile no. After this click on “I agree with terms and conditions” and press submit application. Now your application has been submitted successfully.

3rd STEP

Go to Google play store and find “Insaf Imdad”. Insaf Imdad app will be searched on top. Click on Insaf Imdad app below and install in your mobile. The same application form like website will be opened in app. Fill the same form and forward your application through android app


Chief Minister Punjab Usman Buzdar

I urge more than 150,000 registered beneficiaries to transfer this amount immediately and verify the remaining data as soon as possible.

Insha’Allah we will help the citizens in this hour of difficulty,

Hundreds of thousands of unemployed people have become unemployed due to the economic activities posed by the threat of the Corona virus. Send the data of such persons in your proximity to the Punjab Government as per the given method.

After examining the data, 2.5 million families will be provided support

Insaf Imdad Program


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