How to check zong remaining mbs. Zong Data Packages provide you with high-speed data without worrying about your comfort and balance. However, if you want to check the remaining MB, use the code below.

How to check Zong remaining mbs data

Zong is one of the largest and most popular telecommunication industries in Pakistan. Zong covers a large number of mobile users. People trust the company because of its credibility. Zong also covers a wide range of Internet users through its 4G LTE network.

How to check Zong remaining mbs data

There are four (4) method to check your remaining mbs internet data?

Step 1

  • Dial * 310 # to check the rest of your data.

Step: 2

  • *102*1#
How to check Zong remaining internet

Step 3

How to check the remaining of data by zong master number

For your convenience, if you are a user of the zong Master number, you can check the remaining Internet MB by the following method.

  • Just Dial The *6767# and select “Use MBB” option

The message on your master number comes with the data information available on your MBB number.

Step 5

How to check the remaining of the data through the device portal

Zong customers can access the zong Mobile Broadband Device Portal by simple means.

• Connect your device with a PC, laptop or any other power source to access the Device Portal page.

• Next go to the Zong Services tab-> Check Services

Click on Check a Data Usage (Button) and you will receive SMS on your MBB number or device so that you can check by accessing the SMS tab.

(If you are facing a delay, you can also type in the URL or address bar to gain access).

Step 5

How to check the remaining of data by the zong MBB number

If none of the above processes work, you can try this method.

  • Remove your MBB SIM from the MB device and insert it into the available mobile.
  • Dial *102# from a MBB SIM
  • Select the Option 4-Details Free Internet

You will get a message with the available data details. Then, embed the MBB SIM into the zong MBB device to enjoy seamless data services.

Zong sim number check code

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