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Germany jobs 2023 for international applicants with free work visa

Germany Jobs 2023 for International

Health Sector Jobs in Germany

After United States and Japan, Germany ranks third in the world’s largest medical technology market and is the largest market in the complete of Europe. It is doubtlessly one of the greatest beneficial markets worldwide. Around 25.6 percent of the overall European market is accounted for through Germany. With such a number, it is no brainer that the healthcare system in Germany is very strong particularly when it comes to substructure, hospital beds and trained staff. Every one in six jobs there is related with the health sector. So, if you are someone through a medical background and on the search for a job abroad, Germany is a good choice. Here I have involved two well-paid jobs in this part.

Nursing Staff Jobs in Germany

In Germany, there is a huge need for nurses; there are currently 36000 open positions, and this demand is only anticipated to grow. To satisfy the growing demand, hospitals and other care institutions are constantly looking for nurses. You must meet the minimum requirement to apply for these positions, which is to hold a nursing degree that is also recognized in Germany. You must also be proficient in the German language.

Average annual pay for a registered nurse in Germany is €33,654. If you want to apply, you can think about Charity University Hospital Berlin, University Hospital Tubingen, or University Hospital Heidelberg from this list of renowned medical facilities.

Jobs for Surgeons/Doctors in Germany

The number of foreign doctors working in Germany has increased during the past ten years. There are currently roughly twice as many foreign doctors working in Germany as there were approximately ten years ago. In 2021 alone, 9636 doctors applied to have their credentials recognized as equal in Germany.

If you want to practice as a doctor in Germany, you must also have your formal license on hand in addition to a medical degree. In Germany as well as other countries, doctors are among the highest paid professionals. Around €8k to €15k is paid to doctors each month. You should keep in mind the University Hospital Resht’s Der Isar, University Hospital Düsseldorf, and Ludwig Maximilian University Hospital as some of the most popular medical facilities.

Jobs in the education sector in Germany

It is impossible to overstate how important education is to a society. Education is crucial for a person’s development, but it also has a significant impact on a nation’s economy. In the modern world, education is considered to be the primary driver of a country’s political, social, and economic progress.

Germany is ranked among the top five countries in the world for having the most international students. This explains why there are frequently openings for lecturers and professors at several German universities. Here is a breakdown of the educational prerequisites you must fulfil if you are interested in any of these positions.

Jobs for Professors in Germany

According to a research, universities hired over 50,000 full-time professors in the year 2021. A doctorate in the pertinent field is required for applicants, just like in any other country. Additionally, it is desirable if you have had 1-3 years of prior teaching experience.

Professors receive a generous annual salary of between €80k and €90k. If you decide to apply for this position, you may want to take into account a couple of the top colleges in Germany: Technical University of Munich, Humboldt University of Berlin.

Jobs as a Research Assistant in Germany

You can find a lot of options in Germany if you wish to pursue a career in research. Foreign reinforcements are frequently sought after by several universities. There is a significant potential that you could possibly land a job in a German business.

Research assistants often make €2,000 per month. Depending on an individual’s knowledge and experience, the number can change. Some of the top-ranked colleges you might want to think about include Freie Universität Berlin, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, and Berlin Institute of Technology.

Jobs in the hotel industry in Germany

Hotels provide elegance and comfort to travellers in order to meet their needs. The hotel business, like any other, is essential to a nation’s economy. When international visitors spend money on domestic items, the economy of the country benefits. The tourism sector in Germany is predicted to expand further in the next years due to the rising number of visitors. Compared to 2018, there were over 3% more foreign visitors who stayed the night in Germany in 2019. Here is a list of the current top positions in this industry.

German Chef Jobs

This type of work does not place a high value on college credentials, but prior work experience is unquestionably necessary. A strong command of either the German or English languages is also required.

In Germany, head chefs earn about €45k a year. The amount would undoubtedly change based on the level of competence. Restaurant Tim Raue, Kin Dee, Vendôme, and Restaurant Facil are a few of Germany’s top-rated eateries to keep in mind.

Jobs as a Front Desk Assistant in Germany

Customers often approach the front desk of any hotel first. The front desk agent’s interactions with guests can leave a lasting impression of the hotel. These positions place a strong premium on a person’s social abilities. If you want to be considered for this position, excellent customer service should be your top priority. Additionally, you will be expected to have a fundamental working knowledge of computers.

For this kind of employment, an average wage of €1500 is reasonable. For your convenience, I have included a list of the best hotels and restaurants, including Tantris, Sky Kitchen, and Restaurant Atelier Gourmet.

Jobs for Dishwashers in Germany

Dishwashers keep kitchens running smoothly and are the unsung heroes of the hospitality sector. For this kind of profession, no specific educational certificates are required. In Germany, the typical hourly wage for a dishwasher is €13. Some of the well-known eateries that pay well are Restaurant Marjellchen, Horváth, and MontRaw Restaurant.

Germany’s Banking Sector Employment

The banking industry is for you if you prefer wearing suits, working in air-conditioned spaces, enjoying a corporate setting, and wanting to make a tonne of money at the same time.

Jobs for HR Managers in Germany

You can apply for HR employment in many corporate settings if you have a degree in business administration. HR managers make between €60k and €70k per year, plus some additional bonuses from some businesses. If you want to apply for this position, you can check out the following well-known banks and companies: Commerzbank, DZ Bank Group, and Deutsche Bank.

Jobs for Accountants in Germany

In Germany, you need a bachelor’s degree in accounting to start a job as an accountant. Depending on their level of seniority, accountants might earn anything from €1000 to €4000 each month. Keep an eye on the following banks if you’re looking for a job in accounting: Landesbank Baden-Württemberg, Helaba, and Norddeutsche Landesbank Girozentrale.

Occupational Employment in Germany

When moving to a foreign country, the majority of people typically work in the labour force. Particularly true for immigrants from developing countries. We must thus make sure to include this sector on our list.

Careers for Construction Workers in Germany

In Germany, construction workers make about €21 per hour. The majority of people in this field have a high school diploma, which is a prerequisite for this position. If you want to apply somewhere else in the future, keep in mind these top construction firms: Bagela Baumaschinen GmbH & Co. KG, Zeppelin GmbH, and MULTIMON Group.

Start your job search in Germany and for a German work visa.

Following receiving a job offer, the next step would be to apply for a German Work Permit. Once you have completed all of these stages, you will be prepared to board a journey to Germany!




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