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FIA Assistant Director Past Papers by FPSC [100 Solve Mcqs]

Are you seeking for sample test questions in PDF format to help you study for the FIA Assistant Director exam? You’ve arrived at the proper location. In this article, we’ll give you useful details on FIA past exams in PDF format that are geared exclusively for the Assistant Director role. We’ll talk about the value of past exams and how to get access to them. Additionally, you can access the FIA AD written exam test preparation mcqs with answer and question syllabus and MCQs test syllabus here. So let’s get started. For the test of FPSC FIA Assistant Director Investigation Past Paper BS-17, you may find FPSC solutions MCQs Past Papers here. For the position of FPSC Assistant Director Investigation in the FIA, MCQ practise tests are available. You can download, practise, and distribute.

assistant director fia test preparation from past papers / preparation book pdf free download

This solve past papper mcqs test of AD via FPSC IN 2022. FIA Assistant Director Past Papers by FPSC [100 Solve Mcqs] you can also check ad result 2023 from here.

1He pleads for sanity in a ____ world. Reasonable.LunaticCautionsnone of theseb
2ARGOSY means:ArrogantA big trading machineMisguidingnone of theseb
3Synonym of Trepidation:FearExpeditionTrialnone of thesea
4Synonym of HORTATORY:AcademicArt of PardoningTrying to develop a love for historynone of thesea
5Antonym of QUOYIDIAN:ExtraordinaryWishfulPrematurenone of thesea
6Mr Jonathan is not home today. ___ you try calling him tomorrow. I suggestI wantI insistnone of thesea
7JIT was formed to investigate the crime. JIT here is a ___ noun.CollectiveVirtualConcretenone of thesea
8The chairman is ill, and we have to ___ the meeting for a few days.Put onPut of Put offnone of thesec
9Who is creating this mess? Select the correct passive for this sentence. Who has been created this mess?By whom has this mess been created?By whom is this meeting being created?By whom this mess is being created?c
10Saad often _____ late at night.WorkedWorkWorksnone of thesec
11Synonym of “Emancipate”:DefameIncorporateReleasenone of thesec
12A_____ simply makes a statement or expresses an opinion. Simple sentenceComplement sentenceDeclarative sentencenone of thesec
13The ship is bound ____ the United States.OntoAtFor none of thesec
14I am _____ sure of it as you are. QuiteAsVerynone of theseb
15He writes ____ ink.InThroughIntonone of thesea
16She is afraid _____ spiders.FromInOfnone of thesec
17Somebody burnt the trash here. It can not be Sheena because she cares______ the environment pretty much. OfInAboutnone of thesec
18A person who tends to see the worst aspect of things or believes that the worst will happen. PatricidePessimistOptimistnone of theseb
19The baby cried for food. This sentence can be defined as: Passive sentenceSimple sentenceComplex sentencenone of theseb
20A compound sentence must have:One verbA subordinate clauseA dependent clausenone of thesed
21On Turkey’s request, her national name at the United Nations has been changed from “Turkey” to _____.TurkiaTurkeeTurkiye none of thesec
22_____ country reported its first Covid cases on 12 May 2022.North KoreaVietnamCubanone of thesea
23Pakistan’s National Counter Terrorism Authority (NACTA) was created on _____.in 2007in 2009in 2019none of theseb
24World Bicycle Day is celebrated every year on _____.on June, 03on June, 02on June, 13none of thesea
25When the World Braille Day is observed every year to raise awareness of the importance of Braille as a means of communication for blind and partially sighted people?on January, 01on January, 02on January, 04none of thesec
26According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institution 2021 report, ____ country is the largest arms importer in the world. IndiaSaudi ArabiaIsraelnone of thesea
27_____ country hosted OIC foreign ministers’ 47 meeting in November 2021.AlgeriaNigerNigerianone of theseb
28____ is the name of the foreign minister of Spain who visited Pakistan in September 2021.Pilar liopJose Manuel AlbaresNaeer Bortainnone of theseb
29How many medals did Pakistan win in Tokyo 2020 Paralympic games?012none of theseb
30____ British Foreign Secretary visited Pakistan in September 2021.Philip HammondJeremy HuntDominie Raab none of thesec
31When did Russia launch a large-scale invasion of Ukraine, making a major escalation of the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war?on February 20, 2022on February 24, 2022on February 26, 2022none of theseb
32____ is the name of the first black woman judge confirmed to the USA Supreme Court.Clearance ThomasThurgood MarshilKetanji Brown Jacksonnone of thesec
33____ country will host the 2026 Common Wealth game.AustraliaEnglandCanadanone of thesea
34Recently, ___ acquired Twitter for $44 billion.Elon MuskBill GatesMark Zuckerbergnone of thesea
35____ country lifted 93 million people out of poverty since 2013 and has announced the eradication of extreme poverty in the country.IndonesiaMalaysiaChinanone of thesec
36____ Pakistan recently received the Ramon Magsaysay Award dubbed as Asia’s highest award equivalent to Nobel Prize.Muhammad Amjad SaqibFaisal EdhiAsma Jahangirnone of thesea
37A fibula is a bone found in ___ part of the human body.armlegskullnone of theseb
38____ can help bats fly in the dark.electromagnetic wavesultrasonic wavesultraviolet wavesnone of theseb
39____ of the following is made using wood.gun powderpaperinknone of theseb
40At the time of the solar eclipse, the rate of photosynthesis will be ____.increaseddecreasedremain constantnone of theseb
41The sound waves cannot travel throughgasesliquidsvacuumnone of thesec
42Systematic scientific study of teeth is called ____.PedagogyOdontologyOrnithologynone of theseb
43Sir Fredrick Banting discovered ____ of the vaccine.Covid-19 vaccineInsulinAnti-Rabies vaccinenone of theseb
44Bamboo belongs to ____.a weed familya herb familya grass familynone of thesec
45Glucose syrup is commonly made from ____.sugar canemaizebeetrootnone of theseb
46The most abundant element in the earth’s crust is ____.carbon dioxideozoneoxygennone of thesec
47The most sensitive layer of eye is ____.corneapupilmaculanone of thesed
48____ is the slowest rotating planet.marsVenusJupiternone of theseb
49Deficiency of vitamin-D in our body causes ____.scurvyricketshair fallnone of theseb
50____ metallic element is liquid at room temperature.zinenickelleadnone of thesed
51The purity of ____ of the following is measured by a lactometer.honeywatermilknone of thesec
52____ of the following is the major ingredient of leather.carbohydratecollagensyntansnone of theseb
53If a>b and b>a, thena=aa is not equal to bcannot be evaluatednone of thesea
54If Amna is x years old then 5 times Amna’s age three years ago is ____.3(x-5)5(x-3)3(x+5)none of theseb
55Evaluate the expression: 27/32+4: 2-101210none of thesec
56A sequence is called arithmetic if it has ____.additioncommon differencecommon rationnone of theseb
57Arithmetic mean between x-3 and x+3 is____.-66xnone of thesec
58A single A.M between a and b is____.(a+b)/2=under root ab2ab/(a+b)none of thesea
59If A.P is -15, -22, -29, …. then 11th tern is____. -8585-66none of theseb
60Sum of 4 A.M between 18 and 3 is___.151242none of thesec
61What per cent of 120 is 90? of theseb
62If X% of Y is 100 and Y% of Z is 200, find a relation between X and Z.Z = 2XZ = X/2X = Z/4none of thesea
63The value of a computer depreciates by 10% annually. If the present value of the computer is Rs.100000, then what will be its value after 2 years?180001000081000none of thesec
64In a town 45% population read magazines A, 55% magazine B, 40% read magazine C. 30% reads magazines A and B, 15% read magazines B and C, 25% read magazines B and C and 10% read all the three magazines. What percentage does not read any magazine?151020none of thesec
65The tank full of petrol in Haroon’s motorcycle lasts for 10 days. If he starts using 25% more every day for how many days will the tank full of petrol last?5 days7 days8 daysnone of thesec
66A ratio equivalent to 3:7 is___.3:096:109:21none of thesec
67When did the current President of the United States of America Joe Biden take the oath of office?on January 20, 2020on January 10, 2021on January 20, 2021none of thesec
68The World Health Organization (WHO) announced COVID-19 as a pandemic?on December 2019on March 2020on December 2020none of theseb
69What is the Article 370 of the Indian Constitution?It gave special status to KashmirIt allows Kashmir to become a separate state if they vote for it.Regarding the right of secession.none of thesea
70What is the name of the Foreign Minister of Italy who visited Pakistan in September 2021?Matteo RenziMatteo SalviniLuigi Di Maionone of thesec
71Who is the Current Governor of Baluchistan?Mohammad Khan AchakzaiZahoor Ahmed AghaAmanullah Khan Yasinzainone of theseb
72What is the name of the project the European Union Announced In December 2021 to support Infrastructure development around the world apparently to counter China’s BRI?Global GatewayWorld GatewayInternational Gatewaynone of thesea
73Who is the current President of Sri Lanka?Gotabaya RajapaksaMahinda RajapaksaMaithripala Sirisenanone of thesea
74Who is the General Secretary of the United Nations?Antonio GuterresBan Ki-MoonKofi Annannone of thesea
75Where the 47th G7 summit was held from June 11 to 13, 2021?UKChinaRussianone of thesea
76Which country hosted the ASEAN Summit 2022 via video conferencing?SingaporeVietnamThailandnone of theseb
77Which country’s supercomputer has become the fastest in the world?The United StatesJapanChinanone of theseb
78Who is the current chancellor of Germany?Angela MerkelOlaf ScholzAnnalena Baerboeknone of theseb
79Which one is the northern end of the Pakistan side of CPEC?Khyber passBabusar PassKhunjerab Passnone of thesec
80When was the last annual meeting (not virtual)of the World Economic Forum held?on January 20-24, 2020on August 17-20, 2021on January 17-21, 2022none of thesea
81Who led the Afghan Taliban team during the peace negotiations with the United States at Doha?Abdul HakimAns HaqqaniSher Muhammad Abbas Stanikzainone of thesea
82Which country is the southern neighbour of the United States of America?PanamaCanadaMexiconone of thesec
83The Federal Investigation Agency came into force on ___.on January 1, 1974on January 13, 1975on January 15, 1975none of theseb
84The preamble of the FIA Act provides the constitution of an Agency for___.Trial of certain offences committed in connection with matters concerning the Federal Government.Investigation of certain offences committed in connection with matters concerning the Federal Government.Inquiry and investigation of certain offences committed in connection with matters concerning the federal government.All of theseb
85Which of the following is incorrect?FIA Act is applicable to public ServantsFIA Act is applicable to all citizens of PakistanFIA Act is applicable to all employeesnone of thesec
86Federal Investigation Agency is constituted under section_____of the FIA Act.753none of thesec
87FIA Act does not contain any provision pertaining to____.Pakistan Railways PoliceIslamabad Capital Territory PoliceAJK PoliceAll of theseb
88The term public servant denotes___.Public Servant as defined in section 19 of the 2Pakistan Penal Code,1860Public Servant as defined in section 20 of the 2Pakistan Penal Code,1860Public Servant as defined in section 21 of the 2Pakistan Penal Code,1860none of thesec
89The applicability of the FIA Act extends to ____.Employees of all corporationsEmployees of all corporations are set up or controlled by the Federal as well as the provincial governments.Employees of all corporations are set up or controlled by or under the authority of Federal as well as Provincial Governments.none of thesed
90The Pakistan Special Police Establishment came into existence in_____. in 1947in 1948in 1962none of theseb
91The Director General of the Federal Investigation Agency is appointed by____.Federal CabinetPrime MinisterFederal Governmentnone of thesec
92The superintendence of the Federal Investigation Agency vest in____. Prime MinisterMinistry of interiorFederal Cabinetnone of thesed
93Section___of the FIA Act contain the powers of the member of the Agency.357none of theseb
94Power of arrest without a warrant has been entrusted to___under the FIA Act.ConstableAssistant Sub-InspectorSub-InspectorAll of thesec
95An arrest under the FIA Act can be made____.After commissioning of an offenceon reasonable suspicion of commission of an offenceBoth A&Bnone of thesec
96The Director General of the Agency exercises power like___.Director General of Intelligence BureauInspector General of Pakistan Railways PoliceInspector General of PoliceAll of thesec
97A person arrested under the FIA Act may be detained at___.Police station set up by PoliceAny Place declared as a Police stationBoth A&Bnone of thesec
98When property under Investigation is apprehended to be transferred, an order to restrain its transfer may be made by___. Federal GovernmentMember of the AgencyMinistry of Interiornone of theseb

Federal Investigation Agency FIA Assistant Director Investigation Past Paper, Assistant Director (AD) Investigation 2023 FIA AD Past Papers.


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