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Today paper answer question

Test consists on some general and course related questions, which are in MCQs form.

Election Officer Test Pattern:

Here we provide complete answer question mcqs.

  • Test Type for Election Officer Post: Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) with four possible options for each
  • Total Test Marks: 100
  • Total MCQs Questions: 100
  • Total Time provided to complete the Test: 1 and half hour (90 minutes)

Syllabus and Marks Criteria for Election Officer Test:

Test consists on 100 marks, which includes general and subject related Multiple Choice Questions. Here is the complete distribution of 100 marks test, which base on the different subjects.

  1. English subject has 30% marks
  2. The Islamic Republic of Pakistan, 1973 (Part 1, 2, and 8) and Act for Elections, 2017 consist on 30%
  3. Islamiyat has 10%
  4. Pakistan Affairs subject also has 10%
  5. Current Affairs has 10%
  6. Every Science contains 10%

Each MCQ consists on 1 marks

Election Officer Past Papers help the candidates to attentively attempt and pass the test. In the past papers, all MCQs are available for general knowledge, Science, Business, and other Subject related questions. From the past papers, candidates can easily prepare for the test.

Election Officer Today paper answer question

Q.1 Clouds are made-up of water droplets are ice crystals having size of:

A. 1-100 um larger than aerosols
B. 1-100 um smaller than aerosols
C. 1.0-10 um larger than aerosols
D. 0.1-10 um smaller than aerosols

Q.2 Which organelle is known as the powerhouse of the cell:

A. Mitochondria
B. Cell Wall
C. Nucleus
D. Ribosome

Q.3 In developed countries the two most deadly sources of indoor pollution

A. Pesticides and cleaning agents
B. Synthetic furniture and radiation from electromagnetic equipment
C. Radiation from electronic equipment and pesticides
D. Radon and cigarette smoke

Q.4 Which is not a fat-soluble vitamin:

A. Vitamin A
B. Vitamin D
C. Vitamin C
D. Vitamin E

Q.5 Which of the following is a way to reduce the traffic noise:

A. Constructing the vertical barriers
B. Increase the speed of vehicles
C. Using old engine vehicles
D. Horning in unnecessary times

Q.6 The force which is caused by rotation of the earth and therefore
change the direction of the air is known as:

A. Coriolis Force
B. Radiative force
C. Cyclone
D. Gravitational force

Q.7 Fats and oils are triglycerides, overalI, it includes:

A. Triglycerides, phospholipids and sterols
B. Triglycerides, glycosides and sterols
C. Phospholipids, sterols and vitamins
D. Protein, lipids and carbohydrates

Q.8 Mangrove swamps serve all the following functions except

A. Erosion protection for the coastline
B. Prevention of the typhoon and hurricane damage
C. Entrapment of sediment washed off the land
D. Salt mining

Q.9 Syed Ahmad Shaheed was martyred in:

A. 1811
B. 1821
C. 1831
D. 1841

Q.10 The ideas of SAARC was initiated by:

A. Pakistan
B. India
C. Bangladesh (General Zia ur Rehaman, President)
D. Nepal

Q.11 Area around the river is:

A. Delta
B. Bela
C. Bar
D. Doab

Q.12 The Ridda Wars were fought by:

A. 1st Caliph
B. 2d Caliph
C. 3rd Caliph
D. 4th Caliph

Q.13 Emperor Zaheer ud Din Muhammad Babar was born in:

A. Delhi
B. Kabul
C. Sasaram
D. Andijan (Uzbekistan)

Q.14 The objective resolution was adopted on March 1949:

A. 11
B. 12
C. 13
D. 14

Q.15 “Medieval India under Mohammedan Rule, AD 712-1764” written by:

A. Stanley Lane-Poole
B. Stanley Lockhart
C. Stanley Wolpert
D. Stanley William

Q.16 Fatimid Caliphate was established in:

A. Egypt
B. Iran
C. Iraq
D. Hijaz

Q.17 They could see the laborers pointing …the hills.

A. On
B. In
C. Off
D. At

Q.18 Coffee grows as a green leaved tree or bush with…. white flowers.

A. Budding
B. Developing
C. Blossoming
D. Opening

Q.19 Since he is a teacher of English, we would not expect him to be guilty of

A. Solecism (a grammatical mistake in speech or writing.)
B. Schism. (division between strongly opposed parties)
C. Stanchion (an upright bar, post form a barrier)
D. Freshet (flood of a river from heavy rain)

Q.20 This is one of the most important:

A. Invention of this century.
B. Invention of these centuries.
C. Invention of centuries.
D. Inventions of this century.

Q.21 My dog went ….. to the milk shop.

A. Off
B. At
C. For
D. Of

Q.22 I shall not be satisfied till I (gain) what I (want).

A. Gain, want
B. Have gained, want
C. Am gaining, want
D. Gain, wanted

Q.23 The life of …. undercover detective.

A. A
B. The
C. An
D. That

Q.24 In sports, black athletes are often insulted by racist colleagues and ….. ?

A. Fans
B. Participants
C. Eyewitnesses
D. Spectators

Q.25 He does nothing but….

A. Plays
B. Will play
C. Has played
D. Played

Q.26 World Environmental Day:

  • 5 June

Q.27 Iron Curtain was coined by:

  • Winston Churchill

Q.28 A person who hates learning and knowledge is:

A. lliterate
B. Bibliophile
C. Missiologist
D. Misogynist

Q.29 Audi alteram partem is a rule of:

A. Retributive justice
B. Inherent justice
C. Natural justice
D. None of these

“Listen to the other side”, or “let the other side be heard as well”

Q.30 Technocrat means a person holding….. years of experience:

A. 16
B. 18
C. 20
D. None of these

Q.31 A hundred rupees ….. all he wants.

A. Was
B. Were
C. Is
D. Are

Q.32 In Europe, right wing parties are very successful in their attempt to …… people by telling them there are too many foreigners in the country.

A. Annoy
B. Scare
C. Alert
D. Shock

Q.33 I (finish) my homework till evening.

A. Shall have finished
B. Am finished
C. Will have finish
D. Will be finishing

Q.34 Curb:

A. Medicinal
B. Restriction
C. Participation
D. Hunger

Q.35 A large dark cloud that brings rain or snow is:

A. Nimbus
B. Bizzard
C. Hail
D. Fog

Q.36 When was constitution of 1973 approved:

A. 10th April 1973
B. 12th April 1973
C. 15th April 1973
D. None of these (19th April 1973)

Q.37 A bone to pick

A. Have a grievance
B. Discuss
C. Report
D. Decide

Q.38 Melancholy

A. Mournful
B. Moony
C. Heartened
D. Troubled

Q.39. Antidote

A. Poisonous
B. Remedy
C. Equivalent
D. Dangerous

Q.40 Boisterous

A. Noisy
B. Well attended
C. Disturbing
D. Poorly attended

Q.41 Contemptuous Antonym:

A. Admiring
B. Scornful
C. Insulting
D. Disdainful

Q.42 Erratic

A. Arbitrary
B. Consistent
C. Unnatural
D. Unpredictable

Q.43 Obstinate:

A. Grateful
B. Jealous
C. Cooperative
D. Intelligent

Ans: Stubborn (Not in this option)

Q.44 Adroit:

A. Deterred
B. Trickyy
C. Skillful
D. Awkward

Q.45 The other name of battle of Badar in Quran:

A. Youm al Fatah
B. Youm al Furqan
C. Arafa
D. None of these

Q.46 Arafat gathering is held on:

A. 8 Zill Haj
B. 9 Zill hajj
C. 10 Zill Hajj
D. 11 Zill Haj

Q.47 Meraj took place in which year of Nabvi

A. 8th
B. 9th
C. 10th
D. 11th

Q.48 The six books of Hadees are known as:

A. Usul e Sittah
B. Kutuba-e-Araba
C. Usul Khamsa
D. Siha-e-Sitta

Q.49 Return of the election expenses of the returned candidate can be
submitted to the returning officer on:

A. FormC
B. Form B
C. Form D
D. None of these

Q.50 Commission may exercise contempt of court powers in accordance with:

A. Contempt of Court Act, 2003
B. Contempt of Court Order, 2003
C. Contempt of Court Order, 2006
D. None of these

Q.51 Every Member of Assembly shall subrmit to the ….. on or before …… each year, a copy of his statement of assets and liabilities.

A. Commission, 31st June
B. Commissioner, 31st December
C. Secretary, 31st December
D. None of these (Commission, 31st December)

Q.52 The Commission shall also frame a Code of Conduct for:

A. Security personnel
B. Media and Election observers
C. Media, Security + Personnel
D. None of these

Q.53 An Appellate Tribunal shall …… decide an appeal filed under sub – section (1) within such time as may be notified by the Commission and any order passed on the appeal shall be…..

A. Summarily, interim
B. Regularly, interim
C. Summarily, final
D. None of these

Q.54 The constituency for all seats reserved for non-Muslims in the National Assembly shall be the,

A. Constituencies in each district
B. Constituencies in each division
C. Constituencies in each province
D. None of these (Whole country)

Q.55 Parliamentary Committee shall be twelve members out of which ……. shall be from the Senate.

A. 1/2
B. 1/4
C. 1/3
D. None of these

Q.56 The term to hold office of chief election commissioner is …….. years, respectively.

A. 5, 2
B. 5, 4
C. 5, 6
D. None of these

Q.57 When was the Constitution of 1973 approved?

A. 10th April 1973
B. 12th April 1973
C. 15th April 1973
D. None of these

Q.58 The procedure for voting in the Senate is described in which section:

A. 122
B. 132
C. 142
D. None of these

Q.59 The election expenses of a contesting candidate shall not exceed …… for Senate?

A. One million and five hundred thousand
B. Four million
C. Two million
D. None of these

Q.60 …….. shall appoint Election Tribunals:

A. Election Commission
B. Members, Election Commissioner
C. Acting Election Commissioner
D. None of these

Q.61 For the trial of election petition, which of the following procedural laws shall be followed:

A. Civil Procedure Code 1910 and Qanoon Shahadat Order 1984
B. Civil Procedure Code 1908 and Qanoon Shahadat Order 1984
C. Civil Procedure Code 1910 and Qanoon Shahadat Order 1980
D. None of these

Q.62 Any person aggrieved by the final decision of the Election Tribunal in respect of an election petition challenging election to an Assembly or Senate may, within thirty days of the date of the decision, appeal to the …….

A. Respective High Court of Province
B. Apex Court
C. Both
D. None of these

Q.63 Article ……. of the constitution of Pakistan deals with rule of Law:

A. 3
B. 25
C. 4 and 25
D. None of these

Q.64 Fundamental rights have …….. value than principles of policy.

A. Lesser
B. Preponderant
C. Both A and B
D. None of these

Q.65 Any aggrieved person may, within thirty days of the passing of the final order, file an appeal against the order in the.

  • A. Sessions Court
  • B. High Court
  • C. Election Tribunal
  • D. None of these

Q.66 Article 63(2) of the constitution of Pakistan deals with …… disqualification.

A. Pre-Election
B. During Election
C. Post-Election
D. None of these

Q.67 An election petition shall be presented to the Election Tribunal within ……. of the publication in the official Gazette of the name of the returned candidate.

A. 45 days
B. 30 days
C. 90 days
D. None of these

Q.68 If the contravention or corrupt or illegal practice is proved at a polling station Election Tribunal may, while declaring election of the returned candidate …….. direct re-election.

A. Void
B. Ultra Vires
C. Voidable
D. None of these

Q.69 Returning Officer shall not accept a nomination paper unless a sum of …… rupees for election to a seat in the National Assembly is
deposited by the candidate.

A. 3,000
B. 30,000
C. 300,00o
D. None of these

Q.70 The Commission may, for reasons which it considers sufficient, extend the time for completion of an election to the Senate by making necessary amendments in the notification issued under section ……

A. 105
B. 107
C. 109
D. None of these

Q.71 The constituencies for the seats reserved for women and non-Muslims in the Provincial Assemblies shall be such that each Province forms one constituency with as many such seats as are allocated to that Province in Article ……

A. 96
B. 100
C. 106
D. None of these

Q.72 Section ……. of Election Act 2017, deals with Monitoring of Election campaign:

A. 233
B. 234
C. 235
D. None of these

A large dark cloud that brings rain or snow is ? Nimbus

Election officer test preparation

The test date for Election Officer in Election Commission of Pakistan sector is March 7, 2021. This is essential for applying candidates to clear the test to join the Election Commission of Pakistan. Without clearing this test, candidates can not get the job.

You are required to carry with you original NIC, call letter, one latest passport size photograph, clipboard pen/ball point and other relevant stationary items. Mobile phone hand bags/books are strictly not allowed in examination center. No TA/DA will be admissible for appearance in the written examination.

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