Budget 2020-21 Salary increase in Pakistan latest news


A rise of 20 percent in salaries and pension of government employees has been recommended in the upcoming 2020-21 budget in Pakistan. Budget 2020-21 Salary increase in Pakistan

Budget 2020-21 Salary increase in Pakistan

Budget 2020-21 Salary increase in Pakistan

According to our details, allocation of additional Rs142 billion for salaries and pensions has been proposed, while allocation of Rs299 billion and Rs 503 billion is being considered for salaries and pension respectively.

According to our sources, it is proposed to increase the salaries of Grade-I to Grade-22 employees. A suggestion of making Ad-hoc relief fund for 2016-2019 of Ministry of Finance’s employees part of their pay will also be considered.

According to sources, the salaries of Grade 21 and Grade 22 civil and military officers will be increased in the last budget, their salaries were not raised.

Pakistan Salary Budget 2020-21 for Federal Govt Employees

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Pakistan Salary Budget 2020-21:

Pakistan’s government is preparing an annual budget for the fiscal year 2020. The Finance minister will present soon in front of cabinet divisions. The finance ministry official website has announced a schedule through circular on 6th February.

Our government official is preparing for the budget 2020-21 presentation. They may perform on 29th May in front of the cabinet. If they complete the whole procedure as told.

Budget 2020 Latest News Update

Why Salary Budget for Government Employees?

Every year, all government officials staff of (Finance minister) estimate the previous fiscal year. He checks the new year’s demands with the comparison. In this regard, he does not work alone.

Salary Increase Demand of Employees in Budget:

The government employees are facing problems in lockdown. Similarly, there are a large number of daily wage employees. They are suffering in corona disease lock down.

So, all employees are demanding to increase a minimum of 50% of salaries in the coming budget.

A piece of happy news is in the newspaper these days. In the daily newspaper, a reporter has said that this government will increase salaries in the budget. He also added that the government has not increased salary yet.

However, the employees of all departments are waiting to increase the basic salary as well as allowances.

The salary budget 2020-2021 will prove as a fruitful for employees. They will happy after the presentation of this budget.