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asf written test result 2022 Today ASI complete Solve paper

In here, asf written test result 2021 today Solve paper (mcqs 50) for post of Assistant Sub Inspector (ASI) Shift one) 27-03-2021. ASF ASI Paper 2021 MCQs with answer question.

ASF written test syllabus 2022 for ASI:

  • English : 15
  • General Knowledge (GK) 20
  • Pakistan Study: 05
  • Urdu : 05

Total marks: 50

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Today ASI Solve paper asf written test result 2022

Part-1 Choose the correct spellings:

Q-1 correct spellings

A. Humiliate
B. Hummiliate
C. Humeliate
D. Humellatte

answer: A

Q-2 correct spellings

A. Delfam
B. Daffame
C. Defame
D. Dafeme

answer: C

Q-3 correct spellings

A. Colapse
B. Collapse
C. Collepse
D. Collappse

answer: B

Q-4 correct spellings

A. Decline
B. Deccline
C. Dacling
D. Declline

answer: A

Complete the following with suitable Answers:

Q-5. The doctor advised him ____ eat rice.

A. do not
B. to not
C. not to
D. prohibit

answer: C

Q-6. The fire spread through the building quickly, but fortunately everybody escape.

A. could
B. was able to
C succeeded to
D. will be able to

answer: B

Q-7. We should not laugh ___ poor.

A. on
B. over
C. at
D. about

Answer: C

Change into Indirect Speech:

Q-8. He said to me, “Not to smoke.”

A. He told me not to smoke.
B. He forbade me to smoke.
C. He asked me not to smoke.
D. He shouted at me not to smoke.

Answer: B

Q-9. We said to him, “Mind your own business.”

A. We urged him to mind his own business.
B. We suggested him to mind his own business
C. We told him to mind his own business.
D. We exclaimed him to mind his own business.

Answer: B

Change the Voice of the following:

Q.10 She goes office.

A. She went office.
B. She is gone office.
C. The act of going to office is done by her.
D. Office is gone by her.

Answer: D

Q-11. No one responded to my sales ad.

A. My sales ad was not responded by anyone.
B. My sales ad could not responded by anyone.
C. My sales ad was not respond by anyone.
D. My sales ad is not responded to by anyone.

Answer: D

Select the word which is most nearly similar in meaning (Synonyms) to the given word:

Q-12 Slim

A. Fate
B. Thick
C. Fit
D. Slender

Answer: D

Q-13 Value

A. Fate
B. Ethically
C. Worth
D. Record

Answer: C

Select the correct Translation of following:


A. The farmer will have been ploughing since four days.
B. The farmer will have been ploughing for four days.
C. The farmer do not plough for four days.
D. The farmer will had been ploughing for four days.

Answer: D


A. He was not score the goal.
B. He couldn’t score the goal.
C. He didn’t kicked the ball in the goal.
D. He can’t score the goal.

Answer: D

Part-2 General Knowledge (20)

Q.16. The country whose national anthem has only music no words?

A. Bahrain
B. Chile
C. Greece
D. Albania

Q-17. International Cricket Council (ICC) headquarters is located in

A. Dubai
C. China
D. Australia

Q-18. Earth’s largest ice volume is present in

A. Himalayas
B. South America
C. Antarctica
D. North America

Q-19. Who was Syed Jamal Uddin Afghani?

A. Poet
B. Thinker
C. Indian
D. None

Q-20. “Netherlands” literally means:

A. declaration
B. lower countries
C. mouth of land
D. land of sun set

Answer: B

Q-22. which is the thinnest earth layer?

A Core
B. Mantle
C. Crust
D. None of the above

Answer: C

Q.23. The Empire State Building is located in?

A. London
B. Birmingham
C. Paris
D. New York City

Q.24. Which one of the following companies will launch Project Sky-bender to boost SG Internet speed?

A. Facebook
B. Google
D. Apple

Answer: B

Q.25. Who invented Jet Engine_

A Sir Frank Whittle
B. Gottlieb Daimler
C. Roger Bacon
D. Lewis
E. Waterman

Q-26. Glass is made of the mixture of ?

A. Quartz and Mica
B. Sand and Salt
C. Sand and Silicates
D. None of these

Answer: C

Q-27. Atomic number of Nitrogen is ?

  • A. 6
  • B. 7
  • С. В
  • D. 9

Answer: B

Q-28. Microphone converts sound energy into?

A. Microwaves
B. Electrical signals
C. Optical Signals
D. Heat energy

Answer: B

Q-29. Atomic number of Oxygen is

A. 8
B. 9
C. 10
D. 11

Answer: A

Q-30. Rusting of Iron involves

A. Reduction
B. Oxidation
C. Decomposition
D. Displacement

Answer: B

  1. A car consumes 20 liters of petrol to drive 240 kilometers. How many liters of petrol will be required for a trip of 600 kilometers?

A. 45
B. 47
C. 50
D. 53

Answer: C

Q-32. An alarm beeps 16 times per minute. How much time will it take to beep 88 times?

A. 5 minutes
B. 5.5 minutes
C. 6.5 minutes
D. 7 minutes

Answer: B

Q-33. The average (arithmetic mean) of 5, 10, 15 and x is 20. What is the value of x?

A. 15
B. 20
C. 30
D. 50

Answer: D

Q-34. Simplify: 0.8 -0.3 +0.5 = ?

A. 16
B. 13
C. 01
D. 10

Answer: c

Q-35. What percent of 40 is 16?

A. 18%
B. 26%
C. 36%
D. 40%

Answer: D

Part-3 Pakistan Studies (05)

Q-36. Who addressed in Allahabad In 1930?

A. Quaid e Azam
B. Allama Iqbal
C. Muhammad Ali Johar
D. Liaqat Ali Khan

Answer: B

Q-37. Which Pass connects Pakistan and Afghanistan?

A. Tochi Pass
B. Khunjrab Pass
C. Khyber Pass
D. Gomal Pass

Answer: B – Khyber Pass Economic Corridor

Q-38. Which one didn’t serve as Chairman of the Senate of Pakistan?

A. Habibullah Khan
B. Wasim Sajjad
C. Shehla Raza
D. Raza Rabbani

Ans: C

Q-39. which mountain range is located in Sindh province?

A. Himalya
B. Karakoram
C. Kirthar
D. Salt

Ans: C – Kirthar Mountains

Q-40. Pakistan conducted nuclear tests on 28th May, 1998 at?

A. Koh e Sufaid
B. Raskoh
C. Toba Kakar
D. Chaghi Hills

Ans: D

Part-4 Urdu (10)

Q-41. option :
Q-42. option : B
Q-43. option :
Q-44. option :
Q-45. option :
Q-46. option :
Q-47. option :
Q-48. option : D
Q-49. option : A
Q-50. option :

28 march 2021 ASI PAPERS

Result ASF asi posts complete past paper solve mcqs

The most precious gemstone “Emerald” are found in______?

  • Chagai
  • Swat
  • Dir
  • Gilgit

Answer: B

۔بچوں کےلیے سب سے زیادہ کس نے کتابیں لکھیں

کرسٹینے نوئسٹلِنگر

ناپید کے کیا معنی ہیں

معدوم ہونا، گم،

نیست و نابود ہونا

نامیسر ہونا، قحط ہونا، کمی ہون

all of these

all of these

اردو کی پہلی شاعرہ کون تھی؟

ماہ لقا بائی چنداؔ

لطف النساء امتیازؔ

پروین شاکر

کوئی بھی نہیں

غزل کا آخری شعر جس میں شاعر تخلص بیان کرتا ھے




ان میں سے کوئی بھی نہیں

Answer: B

علامہ اقبال 21 اپریل۔۔۔۔۔کو پیدا ہوئے






Q- If the cost of three dozens of apples is Rs. 324, how much do 10 apples cost?


Ans: 90

Q- Simplify 0.003 x 0.03 =?


Ans: 0.00009

Q- Which is the cause of malaria?

Blood Issues
Dirty Water
Dirty environment

Ans: Mosquito

Q- The volume of Blood in a Human body to be approximately __ of body weight?


Ans: 7%

Q- Atomic number of hydrogen is:


Ans: 1

Q- Which of the following lines divide Turkish and Greek Cyprus communities?

Street Line
White Line
Green Line
Control Line

Ans: Green Line

Q- Which is the capital of Sri Lanka?


Ans: Colombo

Q- When Islamabad United won the First title of PSL?

01 Feb 2016
05 Feb 2016
23 Feb 2016
28 Feb 2016

Ans: 23 Feb 2016

Q- Neroon kot was the old name of______?


Ans: Hyderabad

Q- Bismillah Khan is related to __?


Ans: Shehnai

Q- Ravi, Chenab, Sutlej, Indus


Ans: Ravi

First Museum of Pakistan established in Karachi on?

17 April 1954
17 April 1952
17 April 1951
17 April 1950

Ans: 17 April 1950

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