Airport Security Force ASF Interview Preparation


How to Prepare for an Interview Jobs CAREER

As well as all govt department of Pakistan and private sector interviews are concerned broadly speaking, the following are the broader areas which usually come under discussion in these interviews : interview list will update here soon ASF

Information Regarding Nature of Job and the Department must be prepare

1- Introduction
2- Domicile District Profile.
3- Qualification Related Questions, Largely regarding subjects in graduation and Masters, Particularly about the Major subject in one’s final degree.
4- Job Nature and Department Related Questions
5- Opinion and Information on Contemporary Issues
6- General Knowledge based Quiz Type Questions mostly from Pakistan Studies and Islamic Studies.

here i want to share experience for your help in interview 

Dear first of all dress nicely
2ndly be confident and positive during interview
you will be asked questions in following order
Introduce yourself
why you want to join this department ?
Some questions related to your last degree, on whose basis you applied for said post.
Then questions related to current issues of Pakistan and world.
Good luck for your interview.
Do share your experience in this forum ,because Im also waiting for my interview of Asf .
All the very best

2nd i want to share my experience for your help, i cleard my interview for ASF 2009.
The DG ASF Maj Gen was there with commission to interview
It was just general discussion

1- introduce your self
2- why you want to join ASF?
3- what is 11th Sept ?
4- How can you recognize a terrorist entering air port? (face reading)
5- What did the terrorists do in Sept 2001 ?
6- what kind of bomb the terrorist used in 11/11 incident ( petrol bomb)
7- Is it not a blunder just to read face ?( it is a psychological science – first hand clue is possible to be got from here)
8- what are duties of Inspector. ASI CORPORAL .

More information :

Family background, Your Academic Career your academic life span tells a lot about, were you good at studies, sports, Why are you good at some subjects and why bad or even worse in some? Some of the major questions includes: Marks in matric (Secondary School, O’levels),Percentage of marks in matric, Marks in Inter (FA / FsC, Higher Secondary School, A’levels), Percentage of inter, Address of your school, college.
General Awareness, General Knowledge Questions, Religion Questions, Current affairs Questions,