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Annual Increment Chart in December 2024 [Government employees]

[UPDATE] Annual Increment Chart in December 2023-24. On this page, we are informing the Federal government Employees, Punjab, Sindh and kpk about the increase of Annual (December) Increment 2023-24. As we know that Annual Increment has granted to the Government employees every 1st December of each year.

Annual Increment Chart December 2023-24

Salary increment meaning:

The salary increment means pay raise after a year. Therefore, all government and private sectors raise the salaries of their employees as per rule. This may appreciate them and they work well as before.

Stages of Increment:

Annual increments have prescribed stages for BS-01 to BS-16 there are 30 stages, but for BS-17 to BS-19 there are 20 stages & for BS-21 to BS-22 there are 14 stages. Stage means a number of increments one employee may get in one basic pay scale.

A government to prepares a chart and increases annually through that chart. The finance department prepares this chart in the month of June/July when the scale is revised. So, the employees check that pay scale chart and increase lumpsum in the salary.

This increase of increments in Basic Pay Scales for the Employees of all provinces of Pakistan like Punjab, Sindh, KPK, and Balochistan.

Increment 2023 Chart in December

   Basic pay      Min Basic Pay     INCREMENT     max
  BPS-1      13,550         430       26,450
  BPS-2      13,820         490       28,520
  BPS-3       14,2600         580       31,660
  BPS-4       14,690         660       34,490
  BPS-5      15,230         750       37,730
  BPS-6      15,760         840       40,960
  BPS-7      16,310         910       43,610
  BPS-8      16,890         1,000       46,890
  BPS-9      17,470        1,090      50,170
  BPS-10      18,050        1,190      53,750
 BPS-11      18,650       1,310      57,950
  BPS-12      19,770       1,430      62,670
  BPS-13      21,160      1,560      62,960
  BPS-14      22,530      1,740     74,730
  BPS-15      23,920      1,980     83,320
  BPS-16      28,070      2,260     95,870
  BPS-17      45,070     3,400    113,470
  BPS-18      56,880     4,260    142,080
  BPS-19      87,840     4,530    178,440
  BPS-20      102,470     6,690   196,130
  BPS-21      113,790     7,420   217,670
BPS-22 122,190 8,710 244,130

annual increment December 2023 Pakistan

All government employees will get an increase in their salaries from 1st December 2023. This increment in salaries will be included in the salary of December received in January 2024

December increment chart, in Punjab kpk, Sindh, government employees. annual increment 2023 federal government.

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Annual Increment Chart 2023-24 Salary Increase in December
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