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anf test preparation 2023 Syllabus [asi constable] past papers solved pdf download

Anti Narcotics Force ANF test preparation Syllabus [asi constable] past papers solved pdf book download, most repeated past paper with solved mcqs, papers pattern, up to date, written test syllabus, preparation material can be downloaded from here. ANF has announced the new syllabus for the post of Sub Inspector, ASI (Assistant Sub Inspector), LDC, Constable, Driver, and Naib Qasid. All those candidates who want to join ANF and looking for test Preparation guide.

ANF MCQs Test Pattern

The written test question paper will contain 100 multiple choice questions from for asi & constable and ldc

SubjectMarks %
General Knowledge / Current Affairs20%
Islamic Studies20%
Pakistan Studies20%
Job Related20%

anf constable asi test preparation past papers solved pdf download

  1. What does CPEC stand for?

China Pakistan Economic Corridor

  1. SAARC is organization of?

a. Muslim country b. Muslim Countries
c. North American country d. Non of above

  1. Which of the following can survive centuries?

a. Butter b. milk
C. Yogurt d. Honey

  1. The Largest amongst following is?

a. Galaxy b. sun
C. Earth d. plant

  1. When was United Nations Formed?

a. 1916 b. 1947
C. 1945 d. 1919

  1. The normal pulse rate of a human body is between?

a. 72-80 b. 82-90
C. 60-70 d. none of these

  1. China capital is?

a Shanghai b. sinking
c. Beijing d. Wuhan

  1. Which country is called “The land of rising sun ?

a. United Kingdom b. Australia
С. Argentine d. Japan

  1. UN Head Quarter is located at?

a. Washington b. New Year
C. London d. Vinna

  1. The Capital of Brunei?

a. Bandar Seri Begawan b. Bagota
C. Vienna d. none of these

  1. Google is ?

a. An internet search engine b. An internet software
C. A computer program d. none of these

  1. winston churchill was the prime minister of which country?

a. USA b. Cameron
c. China d. United Kingdom

  1. Which is the fastest running animal?

a. Cheetah b. Line
c. Deer d. Rabbit

  1. Which continent has no desert?

a. Euorpe b. Asisa
C. South America d. Australia

  1. Amman is capital of?

а. Syria b. Iraq
C. Lebanon d. Jordan

  1. Largest island in Indian Ocean is?

a. Sri Lanka b. Madagascar
C. Sumatra d. Maldives

  1. Napoleon last battle was?

a. Battle of Leipzig b. Battle of Trafalgar
C. Battle of Austerlitz d. Battle of Waterloo

  1. 1 Kilometer is equal to?

a 100 Miles b. 100 meters
С. 1.6 Miles d. 1000 meters

  1. Sun is a ?
  • ans. star
  1. Colombo is capital of ?
  • ans. Sri Lanka
  1. who was the first prime Ministry of Pakistan ?
  • Liaquat Ali Khan (4 Years, 2 Months, 2 Days)
  1. Simla agreement was signed between Pakistan and ?
  • ans. India
  1. Pakistan get independent in Islamic month of ?
  • ans. Ramzan
  1. when did Pakistan conducted nuclear test
  • ans. on may 28 1998
  1. First Capital of Pakistan ?
  • ans. Karachi
  1. Youm-e- Takbeer is celerated on ?

a. 23 march b. 28 may
c. 14 augest d. 6 september

  1. When Quad Azam presented his 14 points ?

a. 15 dec 1927 b. 15 march 1929
c. 31 dec 1928 d. 31 march 1929

  1. According to Constitution of Pakistan 1973 the the system of government is ?

a. Parliamentary b. presidential
c. both d. none of these

  1. name of the voder line between Pakistan & Afghanistan is ?

a. crescent line b. line of control
c. durand line d. none of these

  1. What is the popularity of District Nankana Sahib ?

a. City of Colleges b. Biggest City
c. Religious place of Sikhs d. Religious place of Hindus

  1. Pakistan biggest Civil Award is?

a. Nishan e Halder b. Nishan-e-Pakistan
c. Tamgha e Shujat d. Tamgha e jurat

  1. Which is the longes! Motorway?

a. M2 b. M3
c. M4 d. none of above

[Notes] M5 Multan to Sukkur Motorway

33.Old name of Sahiwal was?

a. Lyallpur b. Moritgomery
c. Lawerencepur d. None of above

  1. Which of the following country recognized Pakistan after independence?

a. Saudi Arabia b. Turkey
c. Iran d. Sri Lanka

  1. Derawar Fort is located in the province of

a. Sindh b. Baluchistan
c. Punjab d. d KPK

  1. When did Quaid-e-Azam take oath as first Governor General of Pakistan?

a. 14 Aug 1947 b. 15 Aug 1947
c. 16 Aug 1947 d. 17 Aug 1947

  1. Hiran Minar is located in ?

a. Sheikhupura B. Kasur
c. Lahore d. d Harnai

  1. Who was the ruler of Jammu and Kashmir at the time of partition

a. Hari Singh b. Ranjeet Sing
c. Sardar Singh d. Raja Gulab Singh

  1. Ruins of Harrapa are located at?

a. Lahore b. Sahiwal
C. Larkana d. Multan

  1. How many members are in the senate of Pakistan

a. 87 members b. a. 97 members
c. 101 members d. 104 members

  1. What is first belief in Islam amongst other fundamentals.

a. Prayer b. fasting
c. Towhoed Oneness of Allan) d. Zakat

  1. How and where Namaz was made obligatory?
  • During Shab o Miraj on Sidra tul muntaha
  1. Battle of Yarmuk was fought in?
    a. 634 AD b. 636 AD
    с. 632 AD d. 640 AD
  1. Hazrat Khadija (RA) wife of Holy Prophet (PBUH) died in?

a. 619 AD b. 620 AD
C. 618 AD d. 621 AD

  1. Fatimid Caliphate started from?

a. 1171 AD to 1260 AD b. 750 AD 10. 1517 AD
С. 909 AD to 1171 AD d. 1250 AD to 1517 AD

  1. Battle of Nihavand was fought in?

a. 644 AD b. 642 AD

c. 640 AD d. 645 AD

  1. What is the name of Qibla e Awal?

a. Aqsa Mosque b. Khana Ka’aba
c. Both d. None of Above

48 How many Sajida Tilawat are in Qur’an?

a. 3 ——– b. 14
C. 16 ——- d. 17

  1. Who is the first great Arab Chemist?

a. Jabir Bin Hayyan b. Musa Khwarzmi
C. Ibn Battota d. Al Razi

  1. When was the Battle of Khandag fought?

a.627 AD ——- b. 625 AD
C. 630 AD ——– d. None of above

  1. What was the age of Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) during first revelation?

a. 30 years ——- b. 40 years
c. 45 years ——- d. 50 years

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  1. Battle of Mutah was fought in?

a. 630 AD —— b. 632 AD
C. 627 AD —— d. 629 AD

  1. How many Takbeers and Sajdas are offered in funeral prayer?

a 4 Takbeers & no Sajdas
b 4 Takbeers & 4 Sajdas
c 3 Takbeers & 3 Sajdas
d 3 Takbeer & no Sajdas

  1. How many stages (Manzil) are mentioned in Qur’an?

a. 3 —– b. 5
c. 7 —– d. 4

  1. Number of Muslims in Gazwa e Badar was?

a. 213 b. 313
c. 343 d. 1113

  1. When conquest of Makkah took place?

a. 8Hijr b. 7Hijr
c. 4Hijr d. 10Hijr

  1. Tariq Bin Ziyad was a military commander of following Synasty ?

a. Abbasid Dynasty b. Berber Umayyad Dynasty
c. Fatimnid Dynasty d. onia Dynasty

  1. Which Surah is called the “Umm ul Kitab?

a. Surah Fatiha b. Surah Kausar
c. Surah Baqra d. Surah Al Nisa

  1. Which is the revealed book of Jews?

a. Torah b. zabor
c. Injeel d. quran pak

  1. Injeel was revealed to?

a. Hazrat Musa (AS) b. Hazrat Essa (AS)
c. Hazrat Dawood (AS) d. Hazrat Ibrahim (AS)

  1. Choose correct spelling?

a. Accommodation b. Accomodation
c. Acomodation d. Acommodation

  1. We __ some of the players after the performance was over ?

a. Made contact b. contact
с. Contacted d. Could contact

  1. Correct synonym of Paucity is?

a. Adversity b. Purity
c. Flatter d. Scarcity

  1. They __ office at 5 O clock last evening?

a. Shall Left b. left
c. will leave d. leaving

  1. He is very grateful __ me?

a. For b. Το
C. From d. With

  1. He __ movies regularly, but now he prefers dramas.

a. Used to watch b. Was watching
c. watching d. had watching

  1. Rising price __ immediate measures?

a. call for b. All over
c. Call to d. Call in

  1. Correct word denoting the is called?

a. Roar b. Neigh
C. Chirp d. None of above

  1. I will get some bread from the shop. Identify the tense?

a. Present Perfect Tense b. Future indefine Tense
c. Future Perfect Tense d. none of above

  1. Mice of plural of ?

a. Monkey b. Rice
с. Mouse d. None of above

  1. I ____ never seen such a picture?

a. Did b. Have
с. Was d. Has

  1. Her face is quite familiar _ US

a. To b. With
с. For d. On

  1. I could not refrain __ shedding tears.

a. TO b. For
с. with d. From

  1. I wish I _ how to play violin

a. Knew b. Known
C. Wanted d. Was knowing

  1. I cannot remember where I _ my pen.

a. Left b. Leave
с. Will miss d. Have miss

  1. The word Hive denotes the collectives of?

a. Bees b. Fish
C. Bear d. Wolves

  1. This is not accordance _ rule

a. As b. With
с. in d. by

  1. Identify parts of speech in brackets in under mentioned sentence? Please don’t make (noise).

a. Verb . b. Noun
С. Adjective d Article

  1. Identify parts of speech in brackets in under mentioned sentence? She is (an) apple,

a. Noun b. Adverb
c. Article d. preposition

  1. Identify parts of speech in brackets in under mentioned sentence? He was absent (from) the class

a. Article b. Noun
c. Phrase d. preposition

  1. Which one is right?

a. Anti Narcotics Force b. Anti Narkotics Force
c. Anty Narcotax Force d. None of above

  1. where is ANF headerquatrs ?

a. Peshawar b. Rawalpindi/Islamabad
c. Karachi d. Quetta

  1. ANF academicy is located in ?

a. Peshawar b. Abbottabad
c. Islamabad d. none of above

  1. ANF works under ?

a. Pakistan army b. ministry of interior
c. provincial government c. none of above

  1. ANF mandates is __ ?

a. to stop criminal b. to fight against drug tracking
c. To create drug medicines d. None of above

  1. ANF numbers of Regional Directorates?

a. 5 b. 6
С. 7 d. 27

  1. Who is present DG ANF ? [in 2021]

a. Maj Gen Muhammad Arit Malik b. Maj Gen Khawar Hant
c. Maj Gen Murad Shah d. None of above

  1. Headquarters of ANF Regional Directorate North is located at?

a. Gilgit b. Chitra
c. Swat d. Rawalpindi

  1. FIR stands for?

a. First Inguiry Report b. First Information Report
с. For Inquiry Report d. None of these

  1. Drug affects your

a. Lungs b. Heart
C. Brain d. All of above

  1. International day against drug abuse and illicit traficking is being observed on?

a. 25 May b. 20 Aug
С. 24 Jun d. d 26 Jun

  1. UNODC means?
  • United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime
  1. Motto of ANF is?

a. Green and Clean Pakistan b. Drug Free Society
c. Healthy and Prosperous Society d. None of above

  1. Name of present Federal Minister for narcotics Control is? [2021]

a. Mr Azam Khan swati b. Mr. Shoaib Dastagir
c. Ijaz Ahmed Shah (R) d. Shehryar Afridi

  1. Rank of Force Commander of a Regional Directorate is?

a. Lieutenant General b. Major General
С. Brigadier d. Colonel

  1. What is Drug?

a. Substance that affects body functions b. be Substance that affects physiological functions
c. Both A&B d. None of above

  1. PPC stand for?

a. Punjab Provincial Court b. Pakistan Penal Code
c. Pakistan Panel Court d. None of above

  1. AMLA stand for?

a. Afghan Monitoring & Legislative Agency b. Army Martial Law Administrator
c. Anti Money Laundering Act d. Accounts and Monitors Legal Act

  1. Senior most law officer of federal govt is called?

a. President of supreme court bar b. Advocate

c. Prosecutor general d. none of above

100. Narcotics cases are trialed in ?

a. Session Court b. civil court
C. CNS Court d. High Court

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