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Anti Narcotics Force ANF Jobs 2022. anf test preparation past papers solved pdf download mcqs with answer question. ANF Ministry of Narcotics Control Post name Assistant Sub inspector ASI, UDC, LDC, Head Constable, Constable, Sweeper, Cook and Mali.

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anf test preparation past papers questions with answer

You can View here Anti Narcotics Force vacancies written tests of assistant sub inspector and constable. You can also check download anf Preparation books.

Name of Post

  • Assistant –
  • Sub inspector –
  • ASi –
  • LDC
  • Constable
  • Constable Driver –
  • Sweeper –
  • Cook –

Education: Graduation, intermediate, matric, middle, Primary

anf past papers solved pdf download constable & asi

(ASI paper Islamabad Centre)

1-Sher shah suri real name

  • a) Faiz b) Farid Khan c) Sher Jamal d) Abid

2- How many gates are around the old city of Lahore ?

a) 15 b) 8 c) 12 d) 14

3- 10 downing street is an official residence of

a) Queen of England b) British Prime Minister

c) French President d) American President

4- Which is the highest mountain peek of the world

a) K2 b) Nanga Parbat
c) Mount Everest d) Broad Peek

5- Lowest per capita income of Muslim World is of

a) Syria b) Iraq c) Oman d) Somalia

6- Turkish President who conferred Nishan-e-Pakistan by Government of Pakistan

a) Kamal Attaturk b) Abdullah Gul

c) Recep Tayyeb Erdogan d) None

7- KGB was secret agency of

a) Israel b) USA c) USSR d) India

8- Anemia is

a) Respiratory disease b) Brain Disease
c) Nervous Disease d) Blood Lessness

9- Largest peninsula of tha world is

a) Arabian b) Indo China c) Deccan d) Horn of Arica

10- 38 Parallel line divides

a) India and China b) North Korea & South Korea
d) China & Iran d) Pakistan & Iran

11. The Indus Water treaty was signed between?

a. India & Pakistan b. Pakistan and China
c India and Afghanistan d. Iran and Pakistan

12. Doma is the parliament of ?

а Japan b. uk
С Russia d. Canada

13. The first Nuclear power plant of Pakistan was established in?

a. Karachi b. Lahore
C. Quetta d. Multan

14. Which is the highest mountain peak of the world?

ans: Mount Everest

15. The length of Suez Canal is?

а. 20 Kms b. 140 kms
C. 150 Kms d. 170 Kms

16. In which city of Pakistan is Noor Mahal located?

а. Peshawar b. Sibi
C. Bahawalpur d. Lahore

17. MOSAD is the secret agency of?

a. Israel b. USA
С. Russia d. India

18. In which country is the greatest and longest wall?

a USA b. Pakistan
C. Russia d. China

19. World is divided into time zones?

a 180 b. 20
с. 100 d. 24

20. On the day of judgment the first question will be of?

а. Roza b. Haji Zakat
c. Zakat d. Nimaz

21. Sir Creek is a issue between ?

a Pakistan and Iran b. India and Iran
C. Pakistan and India d India and China

22. The ancient city of Byzantium is today known as?

a. Ankara b. izmir
C Antalya d. Istanbul

23. The Capital of Cuba is?


24. Agartala City made famous during the conspiracy of 1968 is located in?

a. Bangladesh b. Russia
C. Mangolia d. Kazakistan

25. Which of the following river crosses the equator twice?

a а Amazon b. nile
C. Ganga d. Congo

26. The lowest point on earth is?

a. Indian ocean b. Dead Sea
C Caspian sea d. River Nile

27. NATO stands for?

  • North Atlantic Treaty Organization

28. Alexandria is the sea port of ?

а. Egypt b.Israel
b. Turkey d. Greece

29. The land of white elephants?

a. Russia b. China
c. japan d. Thailand

30. After USA the largest number of atomic reactors are in?

a. Russia b. China
c. japan d. Uk

31. An honest person always speaks the?

a. True b. Truly
c. truly d. none of these

32. People do not spend their money foolishly

a. Wisdom b. Wisely
C. Wise d. None of these

33. The price of gold as well as silver

a Is b. risen
C Have d None of these

34. He is very popular As his employees

a. With b. AL
C. On d. As

35.”All along” means.

a agree
b Altogether
с All the time
d None of these

36. “Behind the scene” means

a In different place
b Privately
C A difficult position

37. There After “To catch on” means

a а To understand
b To hang
c To hold
d To take

The surah based on touheed is?

a. Surah Alq b. Surah Falak
C Surah Ikhlas d. Surah Kouser

Khatam means?

a. To seal d. To make clear
C. To feed d. to pray

By which prayer the sense of unity prevails?

a Individual prayer b. Salah Tasbeeh
C. Congregational prayer d. Tahajud

When was prayer made obligatory?

a Shab e Miraj
b Shab e Qadr
C Shab e Barat
d Shab e Jummah

The ratio of zakat is?

а. 2% b 5%
С. 2.5% d 4%

The economic system strengthens by paying?

a. Zakah b. Interest
C. Loan d. Charity

The Hajj address is given in?

a. Mina b. Muzdalfa
C.House of Allah d. Arafat

The believers have the strongest love for?

a. Allah b. Kids
C. Perents d.Wealth

Safi Ullah is title of?

а. Hazrat Adam b. Hazrat Ibraheem
C. Hazrat Ismail d. Hazrat Shoaib

Paradise is under feet of?

a. Father b. Elders
C. Sister d. Mother

Today’s ANF mcqs for pots of Sub inspector , Assistant

  1. which is the deepest ocean in the world?

answer: Pacific

  1. United Kingdom consists of ?

answer: UK consists of four countries: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

  1. Area of karakrom ?

answer : 77,154 km²

  1. al biruni came to india with ?

answer: Muhmud Ghazani

  1. who is the first man to climb mount everest?

answer: Nawang Gombu

  1. Golden Triangle is the area where the borders of following countries meet ?

answer: where the borders of Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar

  1. The largest island of the world is ?

answer: Greenland

  1. Golan Heights belongs to ?

answer: Syria

  1. Eritrea capital name ?

ans: Asmara

  1. largest producer of pig iron in the world ?

ans: China

  1. USA elected president ?

ans: Joe biden

  1. current finance minister of pakistan ?

ans : Dr. Abdul Hafeez Shaikh

  1. water day is celebrated on?

ans: 22 March

  1. zarb e azb start date ?

ans: June 15, 2014

  1. The book “Reconstruction of Religious Thoughts” is written by ?

ans: Allama iqbal

  1. First Nobel prize pak to ?
  • ans: Dr Abdul salam
  1. First muslim got Nobel prize ?

ans: Dr Abdul salam

  1. constitution of 1962 abrogated on ?
  • ans: march 25 1969
  1. First chief justice of pakistan ?

ans: Sir Abdul Rashid

  1. LFO (Legal Framework Order) in 1970 given by ?
  • ans: Gen. Agha Muhammad Yahya Khan
  1. When was Liaquat Ali Khan martyred? ?

ans : October 16, 1951

  1. tarbela dam on which river?
  • Indus river
  1. Fathometer is used to measure

A) Earthquakes B) Sound intensity
C) Ocean depth D) Rainfall

Answer: (C) Ocean depth

  1. Total number of barrages on indus river ?

ans: Six – 6

  1. Cuba capital name ?

ans: None. (Havana)

  1. when become Quaid Azam president of AIML ?

ans : 1916 (Lucknow)

  1. Indian civil service (ICS) in the period of ?

Ans: Lord Canning

  1. who was the founder of lodi density ?

ans: Bahlul Khan Lodi

  1. Raja Dahir was the ruler of? ?

ans: Sindh

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  1. How many amendments in 1973 constitution ?

answer: None . 26 amendments

  1. Highest peak of karakrom is ?

ans: K2

  1. Oldest seaport of Pakistan ?

ans: Bin Qasim

  1. War and peace writer ?

Leo Tolstoy

  1. Coastline of Pakistan ?

ans: about 990 km

  1. battle of Plassey in which year?

ans: June 23, 1757

  1. how many total directorates of anti narcotics force in Pakistan?

ans: There are 8 Directorates at HQ ANF: Logistics Directorate.

  1. where is anf academy in pakistan?
  • ans: H-11, Islamabad
  1. zakat became farz in which hijri?

A. 4th Hijri B. 2nd Hijri
C. 5th Hijri D. Ist Hijri

ans: 2nd Hijri

  1. who is the joint chief of staff pakistan?

ans: General Nadeem Raza

40. Anti Narcotics Force was raised in?

ans: 21 February 1995

41. Who is the current Minister of ANF?

a. Mr. Ijaz Ahmad Shah

42. 99 PPC stands for?

a Punjab Public Commission b. Pakistan Penal Code
с. Punjab Provincial Cabinet

43. MOU stand for?

ans: memorandum of understanding

44. Regional Directorate of Punjab is located in?

  • Lahore
  • Rawalpindi
  • Multan
  • Faisalabad

45. ANF works under?

  • a Interior Ministry
  • b Provincial Ministry
  • с Defense Ministry
  • d None of these

46. When control of Narcotics substance act 1997 was promulgated?

  • a 11 July 1997
  • b. 25 Aug 1996
  • 20 Sep 1997
  • 10 Dec 1998

47. ANF Head Quarter is situated in?

  • а Quetta
  • b Peshawar
  • с Rawalpindi Islamabad
  • d. Lahore

48. How many types of special courts are provided under control of Narcotics substance act 1997?

  • a 2
  • b 3
  • C 5
  • d 2

49. Which procedural code is applicable for prosecution of Narcotics related offences?

  • a Code of Civil procedure – b. Code of criminal procedure
  • c Control of Narcotics substance act – d Qanoon e shahadat

50. Name of Afghanistan Intelligence Agency is?

ans: NDS (National Directorate of Security)

51. Harare is the capital of which country?

a Zimbabwe – b Sudan
с Russia – d None of above

52. Prime Minister Boris Johnson of Britain’s political party is?

  • a Labor Party
  • b Conservative Party
  • C. Communist Party
  • d People Party

53. How much part of turkey talls in Europe?

  • 05%

54. when Hazart Muhammad (PBUH conquered Makkah?

  • 08 Hijari

55. when was qibla direction change?

  • a. 2nd Hijri
  • b. 4th Hijri
  • c. 6th Hijri
  • d. 7th Hijri

56. Umayyad dynasty start from ?

661 AD TO 750 AD

57. Hazrat Khalid ibn al-Walid (RA) died in ?

  • 642 AD

58. Which caliph ruled the longest ?

  • Hazart Abu Bakr (RA)
  • Hazart Umar (RA)
  • Hazart Usman (RA)
  • Hazart Ali (RA)

59. What is fateh-e mubeen meant for ?

  • a. Hudaibiya pact
  • b. Ghaza uhud
  • c. Ghaza Badr
  • d. Madina pact

60. When Hazrat Abdul Mutalib (RA) died?

  • a 570 AD
  • b 578 AD
  • c 585 AD
  • d 590 AD

61. what is the name of clan of the mother of holy prophet (PBUH)

  • a Banu Zuhrah
  • b Banu Ummayad
  • c Banu Hashim
  • d Banu Abbas

62. Gomal zam dam is located in which distric of kpk ?

ans – South Waziristan

63. Total number of seats in senate of Pakistan ?

ans: 104 members

64. Number of NATO countries are?

Ans: 30

65. All India Muslim league was formed in ?

ans: December 30, 1906, Dhaka

66. which country opposed the membership of pakistan in uno ?

  • ans: Afghanistan

67. Land between river beas and ravi ?

ans: Bari Doab

68. who was the first president of pakistan?

ans: gen Iskander Ali Mirza

69. GT road was first constructed by

ans: Sher Shah Suri

70. First national gas reserved was discovered in ?

ans: Sui

71. Gwadar became part of pakistan in?

ans: 8th September, 1958

72. Indus water treaty was signed in?

ans: 1960

73. __ pass connect Pakistan with china?

ans: Khunjerab Pass

74. Quaid e azam inaugurated the state bank of Pakistan ?

ans: 1st July, 1948

75. Pakistan became member of UNO ?

ans: 30 September 1947

76. How many years old the canal system of Pakistan is?

ans: 150 years

77. minar e Pakistan was built in ?

ans: March 23, 1960

Anti Narcotics Force Jobs Male and Female 2022 in Pakistan – ANF more new job 2022

Anti Narcotics Force Jobs Male and Female 2022 in Pakistan – ANF

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