American Airlines Flight Attendant Salary (Per Hours) Monthly & Annual

Flight Attendant attends the passengers to make sure that they are safe and secure and what they need during flight. Their job is to serve drinks and food and keeps the cabin neat and clean for flight passengers to provide full comfort. Flight attendant has a responsibility to maintain all supplies during flights. If there is any problem on the plane, must report to a manager or head of the department.

To appoint as a flight attendant in American or any other airlines, candidates must have an associate or equivalent degree. American airlines require at least 3 to 5 years of experience and also sometimes hire fresh ones to work for flight attendant job. 

(Average) Flight Attendant Salary in United States

Here we provide a salary description for the candidates who want to join American Airlines as a flight attendant. The salary description bases on per hour, month, and a year.

How much does a Flight Attend at American Airlines make?

A flight attendant at American Airlines approximately earns $27.24 US dollars per hour. This per hour earning becomes $1090 in a week and $4,928 US dollars in 1 month.

The average salary of a flight attendant in American airlines is $67,900 in a year. Salaries base between such criteria like lowest to highest. This ranges from $35,300 minimum till $104,000 maximum.

American airlines also provide most common benefits to its employees. Airline provides housing allowances, dental insurance, health insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, and vision insurance. They also give paid holidays and flight discounts to the flight attendants.

For American Airlines, flight attendant salaries base on gender, education, and experience.

Flight Attendant Salaries by Gender;

Salaries should not have an effect on gender’s pay but in US; on average pay rate male flight attendants earn less than female attendants.

Gender CriteriaPercentageAverage Salary Amount in US Dollars Per Year
Male $66,300
FemalePlus 5% than Male Flight Attendants$69,700

Flight Attendant Salaries by Education;

Every one knows that a person with higher education earns more. A candidate with Diploma for Flight Attendant job earns $47,700 per year in United States. A Flight Attendant with Bachelor’s degree earns 52% more than who has just Diploma. With a Master’s degree average salary of flight attendant is 42% more than who has Bachelor’s degree.

Education CriteriaPercentageAverage Salary Amount in US Dollars Per Year
With Diploma or Certificate $47,700
Bachelor’s Degree HoldersPlus 52%$72,300
Master’s Degree HoldersPlus 42%$103,000

Flight Attendant Salaries by Experience;

In US, airlines pay salaries to the flight attendants according to their experience. A flight attendant whose experience level is higher paid more while with less years of experience paid less.

A Flight Attendant with less than of 2 years of experience earns $40,100 in a year and an employee with 2 to 5 years of experience earns 34% more than the employee who has just 2 years of experience. This salary increment continues as per employee’s experience.

Years of ExperiencePercentageAverage Salary Amount in US Dollars Per Year
0 to 2 Years $40,100
2 to 5 YearsPlus  34%$53,800
5 to 10 YearsPlus 30%$69,900
10 to 15 YearsPlus 21%$84,00
15 to 20 YearsPlus 9%$92,600
20 Plus Years ExperiencePlus 5%$97,400

Average Annual Salary Increment Percentage for Flight Attendants in US:

Here we mention how much flight attendant annual salaries increase in US. According to research, in United States, Flight Attendant annual salaries have increased by 11% after every 15 months.

According to search data, we also find that 57% flight attendants of American Airlines think that their salary is enough to live and bear the expenses in United States.

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How to become a flight attendant US

  • A high-school diploma or GED is the minimum Qualification level required to become a flight attendant
  • Get a college degree.
  • Build customer service skills.
  • Apply for a job.
  • Get certified.
  • Complete reserve status.
  • Advance in your career.

Apply Online for job

  1. Apply for the position
  2. Video Interview
  3. In person Interview
  4. Training
  5. Get your Wings

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