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10th class Urdu pairing scheme 2022 punjab board

Download from here, Matric Urdu Paper Scheme (paper pattern) for All Punjab Boards 2022. 10th class Urdu pairing scheme 2022 lahore board, rawalpindi board, gujranwala board, fsd board, multan board and D.G Khan.

10th class Urdu pairing scheme 2022 punjab board

The candidates are advised to focus completely on the 10th class Urdu pairing scheme syllabus paper pattern and make sure to do the comprehensive study so that they can get a good score in the annual exams. Besides the chapters of the textbook, the students have to prepare for the essay writing and translation. You can get to know the paper pattern of Urdu 10th class according to Punjab Board examination in 2022 from the following table:

Objective TypeSubjective Type
Total Marks15Total Marks60
Time Allowed15  minutesTime Allowed2:10 hrs
Number of MCQs15Number of Questions6
Distribution of MarksEach MCQ of 1 markDistribution of MarksAttempt 3 rhymes out of 4 from Nazam part and  2 rhymes out of 3 from Ghazal part having 10 marks
Total15 MCQs Explanation of paragraphs from chapters having 10 marks
   Attempt 5 questions out of 8 having 10 marks
   Attempt abstract of 1 chapter out of 2 having 5 marks
   Write essay on 1 topic out of 3 having 15 marks
   Paragraph comprehension having 10 marks
  Total60 marks
10th class Urdu pairing scheme 2022

Here is urdu parining scheme in the table form. If you are unable to download it in PDF, you may copy the following scheme in texts format. OR just take the screenshot of this page.

سلیبسMCQsاشعار/پیرا کی تشریحshort Questions 
حصہ نثر615 
حصہ نظم44/32 
حصہ غزل32/31 
حصہ گرامر2   
Question No.Chapters
Q.2 (اشعار کی تشریح)Nazam(3 out of 4)=6,  Ghazal(2 out of 3)=4
Q.3(پیرا گراف کی تشریح)Musanif ka naam 0.5. Sabaq ka unwaan 0.5, Alfaaz Maani 4×0.5=2, Tashreeh 02
Q.4 (مختصر سوالات)Nasar (05), Nazam (02), Ghazal (01) = (5 out of 8)
Q.5 (نثر کا خلاصہ)Khulasa: One from 1st Half of Book Urdu 10th, One from 2nd Half of Book Urdu 10th (1 out of 2)
Q.6 مضمون))One from 1st Half, one from 2nd Half, One from unwaanat main Se (1 out of 3) (Qawaid-o-Insha PTBB Lahore)
Q.6 تفہیم عبارت))Tafheen Ibaarat Q’s (5Q’s or 4-Qs + 1Ibaarat ka Unwaan)

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10th class urdu guest paper 2022 punjab board

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